Bijou Karman

There’s an awkward cool factor to Bijou Karman‘s illustrated subjects that is undeniably alluring. Elongated figures, exaggerated with disproportionate features like big ears and freckles, are perfectly styled in Gucci, Miu Miu, Marni, Proenza Schouler and other designer wares. They’re so imperfectly chic, you simply wanna know them. Or even be them. And with that badass retro vibe that Bijou so brilliantly injects into her work, you can see why Rihanna recently enlisted her to illustrate her campaign collaboration with Stance Socks.



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The Best Hair Accessory from NYFW Fall 2017: Black Velvet Ribbon

Is there anything more uncomplicatedly elegant than a thick velvet bow wrapped around a loose ponytail? According to Tory Burch and Marchesa, the answer is a resounding no. As fashion week in New York comes to a close, the single beauty look we can’t wait to replicate is the effortlessly swept pony, wrapped with a wide black velvet ribbon. At Tory Bruch, ponytails were low and loose. At Marchesa, they were tied a little higher into a twist but equally easygoing. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to the fabric store . . .

Tory Burch:



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Bouquets and Butterflies

It honestly took me a solid minute to wrap my head around the fact that these silver sculptures are actually composed entirely of old spoons, forks and knives. Look closely . . . do you see it? In her latest series Bouquets and Butterflies, artist Ann Carrington clusters spoons together, bends forks over each other and flares the tips of butter knives to create roses, peonies and tulips. Incredible, right?  This isn’t the first time the British artist has built sculptures out of discarded materials. You might remember seeing her two large sailing ships modeled out of pearls, pearl buttons and pearl chains. Oh, to live in Ann Carrinton’s brilliant brain . . .



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Anna Quan

Deconstructed, asymmetrical, and oversized. The classic white button-down shirt will never be the same after designers, like Monse, Joseph and Jacquemus, have so cleverly reimagined the crisp wardrobe staple in their 2016 collections. Currently on my radar are Anna Quan‘s cotton twill shirts with silk trimmed exaggerated cuffs, which are not only monogrammable but detachable for a more relaxed feel. Designer Anna Hoang is one of Australia’s up and coming designers, thanks in part to her dramatic take on the classic. She recently crossed over to knitwear and outerwear but right now, all I can think about are shirts and cuffs!



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