DIY Embroidered Hoodie

Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly find another medium to embroider, I’ve developed a recent obsession with hooded sweatshirts – thus, an equally consuming fixation on embellishing them. I think it’s such a great way to give an otherwise mundane article of clothing some much needed life. The extra wide ties on Zara‘s oversized hoodies inspired me to take my embroidery to new, vertical heights. The split stitch is my embroidery stitch of choice here. It’s great for small designs and lettering with tight curves. Plus, it’s quick and super easy. If you’re looking to DIY your holiday gifts this year, this is a great option!


Hyperrealistic Cacti

Take a good look at these cacti portraits. Like real good . . . go ahead, zoom in super tight. A pretty high powered camera must have been used to capture all those details, right? Well, would you believe me if I told you these were paintings?? I know. Crazy. We’ve previously featured Kwang-Ho Lee‘s photo realistic paintings and continue to be blown away by his new work. I can’t over the way he’s able to depict the most minute details with a tip of a paintbrush. This is an artist who’s process I’d die to see. Amazing.


DIY Sleigh Bell + Mistletoe Present Topper

I’m a strong believer that gift presentation is as important as the gift itself. A thoughtfully wrapped gift can actually serve as two presents in one: the actual gift and the anticipation of discovery. So when eos challenged me with creating a DIY with their collection of Limited Edition holiday flavors, I was immediately inspired to make present toppers. My family loves eos lip balms and they’re something I’d normally stuff stockings with, but this year, I’m wrapping and disguising them as little gold sleigh bells as an extra surprise. With the help of crepe paper master Anandamayi Arnold, I’m pairing the lip balms with crepe paper mistletoes so that after the holidays, your friends and family can hang them up year after year. Pucker up!

You’ll need:


Ariele Alasko

If you’re one of the nearly half million followers of Ariele Alasko on Instagram, then you’re familiar with her woodworking talents. And if you don’t, allow me to introduce you. After studying sculpture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Ariele began working with wood as a hobby. Soon enough, the pastime became a full fledged career and today, she hand carves gorgeous sculptures and smooth surfaced spoons, brushes, boards and serving plates from maple, cedar, walnut and hazelnut wood. Her methods are painstakingly beautiful – just listen to the sounds of the carving. Mesmerizing, no? My favorite pieces are those using a traditional Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban, where the wood is charred black, scrubbed, buffed and then coated in wax. If only I can act quick enough to own one of her pieces. As soon as she updates her shop, her work sells out almost instantly. You can sign up here for updates . . . just make sure you don’t beat me to the punch, okay?


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