The Beldi, London

Say hello to what is quite possibly one the chicest vacation rentals I've ever laid my eyes on, the Beldi. Husband and wife architects Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs converted a loft space, occupying an entire floor of a converted shoe factory, in the heart of London's post-industrial Shoreditch neighborhood. With 30 original steel on all four sides, which flood the space with tons of natural light, and expansive views of East London, the design duo ran with the treehouse feel of the space. They developed a palette of soft greens and blues, the foundation for a most dreamy and zen oasis from an urban jungle below. Just study the patterned Moroccan tiles, the plastered walls, the linen shutters, oak cabinets, and sink placements and fixtures. Peaceful perfection!


The Beldi is available for short term rentals or as a shoot location.

Team: Zoe Chan Eayrs / Merlin Eayrs
Photography: Taran Wilkhu for The Modern House and Toby Lewis Thomas

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  1. Gee Powers wrote:

    Chic? Heck yeah! Unique? I say Amen and Awomen!
    But almost entirely lacking in creature comforts, at least, as shown. The white tufty chair might be comfy, if you don’t want to lounge. It was really fun to look at, and I imagined being a small child running up and down the special small-child stairs. I’m sure the beds are luscious, but my eye wants to see more easy/cozy/softer surfaces. Thank Goddess there is something for everyone in this world!

  2. John wrote:

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  5. Tina Mader wrote:

    The ‘Beldi’ apartment measures over 3000 square meters, and sits above the bustle of the streets below amongst the treetops.Say hello to what is quite possibly one the chicest vacation rentals I’ve ever laid my eyes on the Beldi. Husband and wife architects. The Beldi is a converted loft space in the heart of Shoreditch, east London, overlooking St Leonard’s Church and its surrounding treetops.

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