DIY Phone Case Strap

Keys? Phone? Wallet? Mask? The kids are officially back in school and I must say, re-entry into reality has been rough. I'm lucky if I walk out the door with 2 out of those 4 things in the mornings. In an attempt to have to worry about one less thing, I decided it was about to time to change out of my iPhone case - I needed something bright and impossible to lose! It was a rainbow of acrylic chain links that inspired me to DIY my own case - equipped with its own strap and all. This may or may not allow me to keep track of my belongings but either way, at least it's cute AF!

You'll Need:

The first step is to assemble the acrylic links as they are shipped as loose links. Align one opening to another and push hard to snap them together.

Continue adding links . . .

Twist the previous link so the opening of the link is facing the opening of the next link. Push hard and snap!

Keep adding links until you've reached your desired length. I used 12 links which is approximately 6.25". Next, you'll add the screw back buttons. Connect the first link to one of the O rings.

Snap it on and then rotate the link.

With a permanent marker, make two marks on the back of the phone case. The position of your markings is based on personal preference and how you like to hold your phone. I wanted my strap to be at a diagonal. You can also position it vertically.

Note: In retrospect, after using the strap for a few days, I would have moved the top down a bit as I tend to hold the phone on the bottom half versus the middle. If I make another (which we all know I will), I would just shorten the length of the chain and place the top screw lower. Again, everyone holds their phone differently, so try taping the chain in place before making your holes to be sure of placement!

The phone case I'm using is made of soft plastic so a leather puncher is a great tool to make small holes. If your case is made of harder plastic, you can use a rotary tool to drill a small hole. Always be sure to make a hole smaller than the screw - you can always go bigger if need be.

Once your holes are punctured, push one of the screwbacks through the top hole from the inside out.

Push is all the way through and screw on one end of the chain.

Tighten with a screwdriver. Add the 2nd screw back button and tighten.

Connect the O ring to the other end of the chain.

All done! There are so many incredibly fun assortment of acrylic chains out there, it would be fun to change up the straps!! 

images and tutorial by HonestlyWTF

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  1. Kelsey wrote:

    Love the bright case and chain! I have so many DIY projects of yours on my crafting to do list!

    Also, where is your fun mirror with the bird’s feet from?

    • Erica wrote:

      Thank you! The duck mirror can be found here.

  2. Tammy Thiele wrote:

    You come up with the best crafts! These may become Christmas gifts for my daughter and I to make for friends…thank you for always being so inspiring!

    • Erica wrote:

      Ohhhh, Christmas gifts is a great idea!!! x

  3. That’s very cute!! Thank you for the tutorial! The colors you chose are pretty as well.

  4. Couponsva wrote:

    Thanks a lot very helpful and interesting content…it’s article very nice… thanks you

    • Nossa, ficou muito bonito, já quero fazer pro meu celular, parece fácil e prático também,amei a ideia.

  5. I like it.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. RLG UK wrote:

    Ah, How cute ERICA, Amazing DIY acrylic chain what a color combination. You are genius really..

    Nicole B.

  7. very lovely article, nice work

  8. Astha wrote:

    Beautiful! Nice thanks for share with us

  9. Riya wrote:

    Beautiful design for phone truly new for everyone thanks wll definitely try this

  10. Alok wrote:

    Wow its mindblowing you are really creative

  11. Alok wrote:

    Amazing thanks

  12. Reyna wrote:

    Nice tutorial, love it all.
    Congrats for the article… You pointed out very good.

  13. Jessica wrote:

    I love this! But do you have any ideas for covering the screw? I worry if the phone fell and that screw hit the back of the phone it would cause an impact point and break the phone.