How many weeks has it been now? I've lost count. Sadly, it looks as if we'll be riding out the pandemic longer than anticipated. Business are required to shut down again and we just found out that the kids won't be returning to school in the fall. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't grappling with all kinds of emotions these days but the better part of me is determined to stay positive. I recently spent some time designing a proper office for myself (and the kids) - separate from the dining room table, where I'd been running my business for as long as we've lived in our home. I love it and still wonder why it took me this long to do it. In a time where things feel so heartbreakingly chaotic, this space is a little slice of happiness and give me the organization and sanity I need. I hope you are all hanging in there too and most importantly, staying healthy . . .


Bridie Hall brush bots from House of Cardoon, vintage art from Elsie Green, painting from Creative Growth; photography by HonestlyWTF


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  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    I love the cotton reel idea, fab. It looks like a really relaxing room.

  2. Maura Walsh wrote:

    Love all of it!!!

  3. Toni C wrote:

    Love it! Particularly the peg board and cotton real holder.

  4. What an amazing and interesting article, I really enjoy your articles reading in this lockdown days.

  5. Gina wrote:

    Major office inspo! Love this dreamy set up and the gallery wall that’s also functional x

  6. Kaelen wrote:

    Yeah, it’s frustrating for sure, but as someone who already led the WFH life, I’ve been enjoying having my husband also working from home. My studio was pretty functional already, but now with increased video calls, I’ve been thinking about making it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, too.

    xoKaelen | Darling Marcelle

  7. Dottie wrote:

    Great photos! What an inspiring workplace.
    Would you consider doing a post on how to set up the thread holder on your pegboard? I need that arrangement!

  8. Armando B Gregory wrote:

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  9. Douglas Coley wrote:

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  11. romii wrote:

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