DIY The Perfect Tassel + Pom Pom Garland

Oh, hi. I'm back again with the floral pom poms! Today I'm sharing my newfound technique for making the most perfect tassel, as well as a garland to which you add an excess of pom poms. The Omegacryl yarn has become my favorite yarn to work with. It's ultra fine so you can really get dense and lush tassels that still feel lightweight and fluffy. I also love how, with this method, you can achieve that nice, round top that makes a tassel so amazingly pretty. Perfection! Trust me, you'll never make tassels another way again . . .

You'll Need:

Start by cutting 3 lengths of yarn in 3 different colors. Tie one end into a double knot and braid the yarns. Finish it with another double knot.

Note: Omegacryl yarn comes in strands of 3.

For longer tassels, I like using a rectangular notepad or book. The width, or length, of whatever surface you wrap with will be the length of your tassel. Start winding the yarn - for a thick, plump tassel, I like to wind about 100 times around. But of course, it should be your preference!

Once you're done wrapping, cut through one end. Lay the yarns flat. Cut a 8-10 inch piece of yarn and slide it under the yarns, right at the middle.

Take the end of your braided yarn and place is along the middle of the yarn, lengthwise. Pull the double knot just past the midway point. Nestle the knot into the middle of the pile of yarns.

Tie the short piece of yarn around the middle and tie into as tight of a double knot as you can.

Pick up the braided cord and the yarns fall loose. This is where the tassel comb seriously comes in handy!!

Slide another 6-8" piece of yarn under the tassel, about 3/4" down from the top. Tie into a tight double knot.

With a secondary color, take one end of yarn and fold the end in half to the desired length of the wrapped section. Align the loose end to the very top of the tassel. Start wrapping the yarn around the top of the tassel. Be sure to leave the tail end sticking out. You'll need that later. Continue wrapping until you've reached your desired length. Once you've reached your desired length, without going past the bottom yarn loop, trim the working yarn, leaving about 2 inches. Stick that end through the loop.

Take the end of the yarn at the top of the tassel and start to pull. The loop at the bottom should start to move, along with the other end of the yarn. Just be sure not to pull that loop out from the top of your wrapped section. Trim both ends.

Trim the ends and make another tassel on the other end of the braided cord.

Now it's time to add your pom poms! Thread yarn through a large eye blunt yarn needle. Push the needle through the pom pom.

Tie the pom pom onto the braided cord and into a double knot. Trim away any excess. Continue adding pom poms until enough's enough!

images by HonestlyWTF

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    I just love the colors, it’s so beautiful!

    • Erica wrote:

      Thanks, Michelle!

  2. Susanne wrote:

    I am a big fan of tassels, I really like tassel earrings!
    Thank you for sharing this great how-to!

  3. Hamutal Shafrir wrote:

    How beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Excellent work…keep it up…

  5. diana wrote:

    Gracias por compartir ….

  6. niceasda dadasd

  7. Julia wrote:

    If I still have the two strands of waxed linen cord still attached to the poms (from your DIY Floral Pom Poms how-to), can I just use that to tie the pom to the braided cord?

    Thanks for all your magical tutorials!

  8. Gwen wrote:

    Hello Imcan get the Omega brand yarn here but what yarn number is on the brand you use for,the Pom poms? Thanks

  9. Erica wrote:

    Love these! How many pompoms (I assume about 2-3″?) do you get from one skein of Omegacryl? Thanks much!

  10. denise wrote:

    Hi! I am slowly but surely making this garland for our home. Guess where did you get the wooden beads? And what size are they? Thank you!!

  11. Karen wagner wrote:

    Where do you get the pom poms?