Charles Pétillon’s Invasions

If you know me, you know that I have a strong distaste for balloons. It’s not anything close to Globophobia (yes, there is a label for a phobia of balloons) but let’s just say the thought of thousands of balloons descending upon me or invading an enclosed space makes me very uncomfortable. However, there’s something about alluring and intriguing about Charles Pétillon‘s photographs of his balloon installations. In his Invasions series, the Paris-based photographer aims to use balloons to alter the way people perceive familiar things and spaces. Well, perceptions are surely altered as I truly am able to see the beauty in his work.




DIY Boxwood Wreath With Paper Flowers

It all started with a boxwood wreath from Trader Joe’s. Honestly. I’ve always loved the hardiness and rich green hue of boxwood and for $10, I couldn’t possibly pass up one of TJ’s favorite holiday offerings. But how would I use the oh too simple wreath as a foundation for something bigger, brighter and more festive? Real flowers only last a few days but ah, paper flowers . . . paper flowers could easily outlast the boxwood itself and carry me through the holidays. So I paid a visit to paper flower genius Lynn Dolan and my friends at Castle In The Air for some brilliant ideas on how to embellish my new door decor. Lynn suggested poinsettias, a Christmas classic, in a Palm Springs inspired palette. Ding, ding! And what makes this tutorial even sweeter is that poinsettias “petals” are actually leaves (the tiny yellow buds in the center are the flowers!), which means there is really only one shape you’ll need to craft out of crepe paper to make this dream a reality. Easy, peasy. Just follow along and see . . .



You’ll need:

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Mochi Spring 2017

Pom pom adorned knit bombers, wool shag espadrilles and tassel trimmed everything?! Mochi designer Ayah Tabari is, once again, speaking my language with her spring collection. This season, the Palestinian designer has moved from the motifs of Uzbekistan and onto the warm desert hues and pops of vivid colors of Morocco. The rope buckets bags are a favorite, as well as a rich, terra cotta embroidered jumpsuit and off the shoulder knit tops.



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The 12 Days Of Giveaways Is Here!

The holidays are in full swing and we can’t quite believe another year is coming to an end. As a way to thank you, our amazing readers, we’re continuing our beloved holiday tradition with our 3rd annual 12 Days Of Giveaways. We’ve collaborated with some of our favorite brands to put together 12 incredible gifts for you. Starting tomorrow, on December 5th, we’ll reveal a new giveaway each day . . . and trust us when we say they are incredible. Head over HERE tomorrow to uncover the first of many gifts – and be sure to check back each day for more. And if you love to cook, drink and entertain, be sure to head over to HonestlyYUM for their 12 Days of Giveaways. Good luck and happy holidays!


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