Parisian Rooftops

After moving to Paris from Hong Kong, photographer Michael Wolf was concerned about photographing the street life, confining himself to any typical clichés. So he took his camera lens to higher ground and was able to capture the incredibly dense landscape of Parisian rooftops. They’re so abstract, they almost look like paintings . . . honestly, amazing.



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DIY Pajaki

Last year we introduced you to the pajaki, a Polish chandelier made from straws and paper, with a basic tutorial on how to make a miniature variety. This year, again with the help of my imaginative friends John McRae and Karima Cammell of Castle In the Air, I’ll be showing you how to build a large scale, more traditional version – like the one hanging in my son Quincy’s room. It includes woolen pom poms, which Karima recently demonstrated for me (you will just loose your mind over these!), as well as parts from a convenient starter kit you can purchase from their online store. Not only are they extremely fun to make, these pajakis have the most uplifting and exuberant quality to them. I promise you’ll want to make another!


You’ll need:

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Spring 2015: No Makeup Makeup

Spring is all about minimal, barely there makeup, showcasing beauty at it’s natural best. At Michael Kors, lips were stained with soft colors. At Phillip Lim, tinted moisturizer and concealer smoothed out the skin. At Ralph Lauren, an effortless sunkissed look was achieved with all over bronzer. And at Marc Jacobs, well, there was absolutely no makeup at all. For someone who relies only on mascara and blush to get me through the day, I couldn’t love this beauty trend more.



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Shaping Clouds

Since he was a child, Martín Feijoó has been fascinated with clouds. On a recent trip to Mexico, he began taking photos of clouds in the sky and let his imagination inspire him to draw the creatures that lived in the formations. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’ll have to check out Martín’s Tumblr page to see the original inspiration behind his brilliant line drawings.



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