HWTF x Makers Kit DIY Sand Art Terrarium

Attention green friends: my second kit with Makers Kit drops today! It was a recent obsession with cultivating my own green thumb (more on that later) and a nostalgic rediscovery of sand art that inspired the concept behind this easy to make terrarium. I’ve always enjoyed building my own mini eco-system as you can have so much fun experimenting with different plant species on an adorably small, manageable scale. Trust me, for someone who has a long history of wiping out cacti, this testimonial speaks volumes. And what better way to change up the standard terrarium formula than with layered sand art, a favorite childhood craft? I told you this would be fun. One of the most exciting parts about this kit is that we’ve provided you with a packet of assorted sedum seeds so that you can germinate them yourself and watch them sprout into a variety of luscious succulents in a few weeks time. After all, all good things require patience . . .


Each kit includes:

  • sedum seeds
  • planter pot
  • peat pellet
  • 3 bags of sand
  • glass vase
  • mixed moss
  • pipette
  • long spoon

You’ll need:

  • a piece of paper
  • scissors
  • wooden skewer (optional)

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Rodarte x & Other Stories

Ladies, get those credit cards ready and your fingertips prepared to click like crazy as the Rodarte capsule collection for & Other Stories launches tomorrow! The highly anticipated collaboration exudes a 70s aesthetic with the Mulleavy sisters’ California vibe. Our favorites are the leather patchwork skirts and boots, piped pajama-style blouses, sequined dresses and layerable velvet and silk bras. All of it runs under $400. Just do us a solid, early risers, and save some pieces for the rest of us, okay?



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Donald Martiny

There’s something so satisfying about the Donald Martiny‘s hefty brushstrokes. These larger than life pieces of art are more like sculptures than paintings, as the American artist use gallons upon gallons of polymers and dispersed pigment paint to create his work. Amazing how a single gesture can feel so powerful.



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Bliss And Mischief: The 1982 Collection

Spring has sprung at Bliss And Mischief with a new crop of floral embroidered vintage army jackets, Levis 501s and bandanas. And as if the new poppy, wildflower and camomile motifs weren’t teasing our wallets enough, designer Hilary Justin has reproduced a collection of tops inspired by those perfectly worn vintage finds we all wish we owned multiples of. We’re talkin’ thermal henleys, ribbed tanks and turtlenecks and eyelet embroidered blouses! Sure to be closet staples, indeed. 





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