A few months ago, I stumbled across a video profiling a Maine-based company that boasts a 100 year tradition of shoemaking. I was instantly intrigued by the arduous hand stitching technique – one that hasn’t changed much since Harry Smith Shorey, a hand sewer for L.L. Bean, founded Quoddy in 1909 with a pair of leather mocassins inspired by Maine’s native Passamaquoddy tribe. Of course, I had to have a pair. After 6 weeks, my gorgeous boots arrived in the mail. The moment I slipped them on, my feet literally melted into them. They are the most comfortable shoes I own – honest to goodness. And it’s hard to believe that they’ll only get better with age, which might happen sooner than later as they are hardly ever off my feet. I’m in love. Hook, line and sinker.



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DIY Jeweled Sandals

It was my love of “making things” that inspired the start of HonestlyWTF nearly 5 years ago. I was determined to prove that the D in DIY didn’t stand for disposable. With the right supplies and effort in attention to detail, doing something yourself can actually be beautiful, enriching and long lasting. Case in point: these jeweled sandals inspired by Marni. I wore these sparkly numbers nearly every day last summer and they’ve made their way back into heavy rotation this spring. So with all the affordable leather sandal options, I figured it was time for another iteration. Jeweled Sandals 2.0. Make them. You’ll love and live in them.


You’ll need:



Encaustic Cement Tiles

I’ve got a deep, deep obsession with encaustic cement tiles. The eco-friendly tiles, which date back to the 12th century, are individually formed in a hand forged metal frame and deposited with pigmented cement slurries. The frame is removed and additional layers of cement are added and sandwiched together to create the final product. It’s a beautiful process – one that’s been adapted and used in homes across Cuba, Europe, and Morocco for centuries. Aren’t they just perfect for bathrooms, kitchens or even an outdoor patio?! They age so beautifully, too. If you love color and patterns, cement tiles are a no brainer.



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