Neutral Perfection

Plaster walls, cement bathtub, terrazzo floor tiles, quirky light fixtures, grey cabinets and toilet, and little pops of dusty pink . . . there isn't anything about this home, designed by Maria Marinina, that I don't love. The subtle combination of neutral tones and assortment of textures is just dreamy. We're nearing the interior designing phase of our Sonoma project and I've got just about every room here bookmarked for inspiration. And that sweet statement chair in the living room?! I need it!

Maria Marinina3
Maria Marinina6
Maria Marinina7
Maria Marinina8
Maria Marinina5
Maria Marinina2
Maria Marinina1
Maria Marinina17
Maria Marinina12
Maria Marinina18
Maria Marinina10
Maria Marinina11
Maria Marinina13
Maria Marinina14
Maria Marinina16
Maria Marinina15

Maria Marinina's portfolio here

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