Katy Edling

When was the last time you made a collage? For me, it was high school . . . I think. It’s certainly been awhile since I was last tooling around with torn pages of magazines, scissors and an Elmer’s glue stick. Recently, I attended a collage workshop at the wonderful Midway Gallery in San Francisco, where I was so surprisingly and pleasantly blown away by the challenges and delights of collage making that I left wanting to experiment more with this inspiring technique. And how serendipitous that I subsequently stumbled across the beautiful collages of Katy Edling. They’re just wonderful aren’t they? Weekend activity, done and done.


Yoli & Otis

I first discovered Yoli & Otis on Instagram, as I do most things these days, while pregnant with Coco. I became smitten with designer Lena Catterick’s adorable family and followed them along on their adventures around Bali and Bryon Bay with envy. Naturally, I bought into their gracefully minimalist and natural lifestyle with their organic and plant dyed baby carriers, which I loved. I even prematurely bought Coco a couple of ruffled, linen dresses months before she was even born. The Australian based brand has expanded its childrenswear collection with a wide selection of cotton gauze and linen shorts, blouses, and jumpsuits – I mean, the chambray overalls just slay me! The newly added womenswear has also been the perfect extension to the label, with equally adorable yet refined overalls, wrap blouses and high waisted trousers. Just the kind of mother and daughter twinning I’m down for . . .


White (or Black?) Fireplace Mantles

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you’ll know that I just scored an antique fireplace mantle on Craigslist. You guys, this baby was a steal. And it just might be the solution to my one regret when we renovated our house: getting rid of the fireplace. I can’t quite remember why we decided to do that . . . I think we were just trying save time and cut costs. But for years, especially during the cold winter months, I’ve grieved over the loss of being able to sit in front of a cozy fire. While it might be a bit complicated to actually re-install a working fireplace, I’ve a mantle and that’s a great start. To refresh your memory, this is the where it will go . . . but I need your help! Should I paint it white or black?? To keep it as is?


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