Halloween At Home

Trick-or-treating may be cancelled this year but you bet our family will be celebrating Halloween at home the best way we can! I'm excited to be partnering with Zappos again this year to recreate characters from some of my all-time favorite cult classics. I love dressing up as movie characters, especially when you can take items as simple as a sweatshirt, tee-shirt, and leggings and make them immediately recognizable with just a hairstyle or some basic accessories like a bike or a White Russian. And speaking of White Russians, I honestly wouldn't mind the pajama bottoms and robe look every day. I hope that the looks I've created will inspire you to celebrate the holiday at home with as little pressure as possible. Be sure to head over to Zappos to see the rest of the costumes!


visit Zappos for more of my Halloween costume ideas!


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  1. Ahh so sweet!

  2. Susan wrote:

    Gertie and Elliot are so cute! And the DUDE! So funny and clever. Thank you for your creative ideas!

  3. Glen J. Zimmer wrote:

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  4. Laura wrote:

    I am also thinking to get some fashionable dresses for me and my family members. Unfortunately, we did not celebrate the traditional halloween day for pandemic covid-19 crisis. Though, I am lucky enough to continue my office work online at this platform help people with different stories to read in this pandemic situation. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  5. MayRonda wrote:

    Well, for me it’s not that bad to make a Halloween at home, since we have so many technologies and mobile apps that can unite people. Indeed, the feeling of a holiday is not that obvious when you are isolated, but at least we have smartphones, and we can join any communities we want easily. We must remember that we are not alone and sooner or later the whole history with pandemic will be over. So, let’s have fun and let’s be glad to live in the era when our life is fully digitalized!

  6. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us