Honestly, I just want to envelop myself in all the cozy brilliance from Projektityyny, a home textiles brand based in West Dorset, England. Their creations, including quilts, canopies and lampshades, draw influences from diverse corners of the world, yet are deeply ingrained with a distinct Nordic sensibility. The emphasis on texture, tactility, individuality, quality, longevity, and timelessness speaks to the brand's Finnish roots, infusing each piece with a unique cultural identity. What is particularly inspiring is their ability to offer modern interpretations of age-old textile traditions, demonstrating a timeless connection between the past and the present.

Projekti Tyyny2
Projekti Tyyny1
Projekti Tyyny17
Projekti Tyyny15
Projekti Tyyny7
Projekti Tyyny6
Projekti Tyyny13
Projekti Tyyny12
Projekti Tyyny10
Projekti Tyyny11
Projekti Tyyny8
Projekti Tyyny16
Projekti Tyyny4
Projekti Tyyny9

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  1. Claudia wrote:

    What fabulous ways to show off these textiles, you always find the best!