DIY Beaded Cherry Bracelet

There's nothing better than spotting the first signs of summer at the market. Cherries and peaches are a household favorite! In celebration of the arrival of a new season, I'll be showing you how to add beaded cherries to your summer stack. It's extremely easy and can be incorporated in a variety of ways! I love mixing the deep red and green seed beads with delicate freshwater pearls - but you can also add other seed beads to the mix.

You'll Need:

Start by cutting a 16-20 inch piece of elastic beading cord. Fold a piece of tape over the tail end of the cord, leaving 3-4 inches at the end. You'll want enough cord leftover to tie the bracelet in a double knot when finished. And whether its with pearls or seed beads, you'll want to divide the cherries with some spacer beads. So thread on some beads before making the cherry cluster.

Then, add one green and 2 red seed beads.

Thread the end of the elastic through the green bead - from the start of the bracelet towards the end. While holding the green bead in place with your fingers (this prevents the cherry from slipping away from the previous beads), pull the end of the elastic until it's taut.

Continue adding beads and cherries until you've reached your desired length. Carefully tie into a triple knot. Add a drop of clear nail polish over the knot to secure it.


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  1. Bridgette wrote:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t even! Off to buy beads 🙂

  2. Gostei muto. São lindas.

  3. Tracy Hoggard wrote:

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  4. Pixel Link wrote:

    This is really Amazing

  5. Rachael wrote:

    I am curious if you think there is a way to use this method to make lilac clusters?? I would love to make a lilac bracelet or necklace. Thank you!