Katrin Langer Clutches

Honestly, swoon. I’m in love with these exceptional clutches designed by Katrin Langer. Produced in Germany using the same expertise and technical skills as musical instrument construction, each clutch starts with a makoré wood frame which eventually gets covered with beautifully intricate embroidery and lined with soft leather. I love the folkloric feel of each piece – they look like special little heirlooms!katrinlanger1 katrinlanger3 READ MORE

A Lesson In Layering + Packing Necklaces

With the recent launch of her fall collection, abundant with a variety of layer-worthy chains, designer Amanda Thomas is dishing some of her essential tips on how to stack and mix her gorgeous charm necklaces, chokers, body chains and more. And ever wonder how to keep your delicate chains from tangling while traveling? Keep reading to find out!

1. Mix metals: Don’t be scared of mixing metals! It helps to mix necklaces that have a similar thickness – I love pairing several thin chain necklaces in both gold and silver and then breaking up the look with a couple of thin solid metal collars.


2. Dainty, dainty, dainty: You can wear as many dainty charm necklaces as you want – I like to keep them separated about an inch apart. Here, I paired two charm necklaces with a thin body chain, which is tucked under a cropped top for more subtlety.

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Pianos In The Home

Somehow, a home feels more complete with a piano in it. Even though my beach shack is only about 500 square feet, I’ve been conspiring to squeeze in even the smallest spinet or console. Craigslist seems to be the best place to look for a pre-owned gem but I must keep in mind the cost of moving it and getting a technician out to tune it. So, for now, I can just admire these gorgeous music makers from afar.

Piano | HonestlyWTF

Piano | HonestlyWTF



DIY Brass Fringe Earrings

It’s been ages since my last jewelry DIY. It’s been a very busy summer. So I was excited when my friend Grace, of The Stripe, recently came to out to California for a visit and encouraged me to set aside a day dedicated to crafting. Sometimes, you just need that extra motivational push! We both adore Portland designer Hazel Cox‘s brass and silk fringe earrings and were immediately inspired after spotting these perfect little brass discs at my favorite jewelry supply store. With the right tools, these exuberant earrings are so fun to make, I promise you’ll be inspired to make more than a single pair!


You’ll need:

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