DIY Raffia Fringe Straw Bag

I recently stumbled upon a gorgeous raffia bucket bag and fell in love. Raffia, fringe, and straw bags?! It's a trifecta of summertime DIY goodness. So, in an effort to get ahead of your accessorizing game this summer, I'm showing you how to add a little color and zaza life into perhaps an already existing straw bag. Also, if you happened to have made those pom pom sandals last summer, this is the perfect opportunity to use up the remainder of that raffia. Enjoy!

Start by cutting the raffia ribbon into small strips. A shortcut is to cut the raffia into several 36 inch (1 yard) lengths. Fold them in half and cut. Fold in half again and cut and fold in half again and cut. You'll end up with a handful of 4.5 inch pieces! I recommend doing all your cutting up front. It makes weaving them in so much faster.

Fold the raffia in half and thread the folded side through the eye of your blunt needle. Pull the needle under the weft of your woven bag. If you want the fringe to point down, enter from the top of the bag.

Pull the needle all the way through.

Let the needle go. Thread the ends of the raffia through the loop and pull tightly. You've got your first piece of fringe on!

Repeat the steps with another color.

Thread the ends through the loop and pull.

Continue adding raffia until each row is filled.

I like to stop about 1/3 of the way up the bag but where to stop is totally up to you!

Of course, I had to try it on a straw backpack, too!

tutorial by HonestlyWTF

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  1. Oh wow ! What an easy diy to funk up a ordinary bag. Just need lots of patience and time though. But amazing on the transformation. I would love to get my hands on those slides you have on !!

  2. Lilly C wrote:

    Where did you get the strawback pack

  3. Amazing

  4. So cool, will try with our bags.

  5. Elin wrote:

    Love the idea ! Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial ! I am gonna try this for next summer (summer is finished in Sweden already to make a bag like that haha, the rain takes over)

  6. Kate Martin wrote:

    Where did you buy the raffia bags that you used? I love the backpack

  7. 2021 and raffia is still popular! We have some cute designs.

  8. michaela wrote:

    I am in love with the green tunic dress. Who made it please?? Does anyone know?