While getting a head start on researching my trip to India in December, I happily stumbled upon the most stunning brand Injiri. Inspired by the beauty of the hand-weaving process and the living tradition of crafts in India, textile designer Chinar Farooqui launched her label in 2009 after receiving her masters degree in textile design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Traditionally, Injiri translates into "real India" and historically, it represents Madras, checkered textiles which were exported to West Africa in the 18th century. Working from her studio in Jaipur, Farooqui has developed a network of hand-loom collectives across India who work with organic cottons and natural dyes - sustainability is of upmost importance to the brand, second to textile development. Each season, Farooqui designs each article of clothing and textile side by side with weavers on their wooden hand-looms, a collaborative effort in the storytelling process. I love Injiri's latest collection of lightweight muslin pieces. My favorites are the finely embroidered and semi-sheer cotton dresses. The details, if you look closely, are just incredible. How I would love to witness this level of handiwork in real life!


Injiri available at Garmentory

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  1. These dresses absolutely take my breath away!

  2. Elizabeth wrote:

    What beautiful designs yes I will look for them the next time Iam in India. Where are they sold.?

  3. Liz wrote:

    Injiri is my fave! You should also check out Pero (@ilovepero for their instagram) and Olivia Dar (@oliviadar) which both seem like they might be up your alley! and they have their studios here in Delhi if that’s on your itinerary. Plus in both you can often see the artisans working on the embroidery and beading. So wonderful to watch! In Jaipur I love Injiri’s studio (of course) and all of the shops at the Narain Niwas complex (with a stop at Palladio for drinks or people watching of course). If you need any recommendations, let me know…I live in Delhi most of the year and love finding the most special places to eat and shop. Ooh also if you haven’t picked up @loveindia ‘s travel guides, please do. They are works of art and she has the best reccs.

    • Erica wrote:

      @Liz, WOW!!! THANK YOU!!! I just ordered the travel guide. And thanks for the heads up on Pero and Olivia Dar. I won’t have any time in Delhi – will be mostly in Jaipur but happy to learn about them, thanks to you!! xx PS I’ll take all the recommendations you have for shopping in Jaipur!! 🙂