A colorful Otomi pillow, a saddle leather chair, a vintage Peruvian ceremonial hat, an embroidered caftan and a bohemian bible . . . these are just a few of a free spirit’s soon to be favorite things.


1. The New Bohemians Book $20 – Justina Blakeney is the queen of free spirits. This book is pure inspiration.

2. Silk Feather Patches $16 – Blue Jay, hawk, and oriole feather patches are perfect to add to a handbag or jacket.

3. Crescent Moon Wall Hanging $35 – We love the indigo ombré effect on this simple yet gorgeous wall hanging.

4. Q’erp Andean Ch’ullo Cap $160 – Handwoven and hand-beaded, these Peruvian ceremonial hats can be framed as wall art!

5. Pyramid Prism $80 – Every free spirit needs a rainbow maker if they don’t already have one.

6. Otomi Pillow $98 –  Hand embroidered in Mexico, Otomi is one of our favorite textiles.

7. Liana Kaftan $625 – Because every free spirit should have a fancy kaftan.

8. Garza Marfa Leather Chair $950 – Chicest leather chair, ever.

9. Vintage Pakistani Bell $35 – You all know the old expression, “every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings”  Bells are spiritual and can bring luck, we all should have at least one.

10. Meredith Kahn Baby Bridge Love Twist Moon Ring $2,385 – Rose gold, diamonds, and a moonstone. Stunner. A girl can dream.

11. Adult Coloring Book $9 – It is a proven fact that coloring is a stress reliever. Get on the adult coloring book train now!

12. Cacti Coasters $44 – Whether you leave your cacti fully assembled or neatly stacked inside its pot, these cheeky cacti coasters are too cute and definitely a conversation starter.

13. Right Tribe Leather Visor $58 – Handmade in Manhattan Beach CA, this modern sleek visor made from vegetable tan leather, only gets better and better with age.

14. Pin Set by Nathan Nedorostek $35 – Lapel pins are making a comeback. A free spirit is the first to wear an old school pin.

15. Le Labo Candle $70 – Le Labo’s Santal 26 candle is a cult favorite for a reason. Worth every penny, trust us.