Gift Guide 2017: For The Free Spirited

Or for the bohemian, world traveler, spiritual being in your life . . .

1. Justina Blakeney x Selamat Face Mirror $284: One of my favorite collabs this year was Justina Blakeney x Selamat‘s home decor collection. This vintage inspired rattan mirror adds the perfect amount of playfulness to any room.

2. LBK Studio Glass Talisman $175: Handmade by Laura Kramer of LBK Studio, these talismans are made with beautiful colored glass and natural bark. They’re meant to ward off negative energy while embracing the strength of spirit.

3. St. Frank Day Of The Dead Candle $150: Love this gorgeous skull candle with delicately made beeswax flowers. It also comes in black and yellow.

4. Johnna Ortiz Pom Pom Hat $225: Pom poms on the head. Enough said.

5. Vintage Tiger’s Eye Ring $450: New York’s Love Adorned is one of my favorite places to go to for vintage jewelry – this Tiger’s Eye ring is a stunner.

6. Seagull Cedar Slim Acoustic Guitar $330: I’ve always wanted to learn to play. Hint, hint.

7. 31 Bits Carved Teak Cheeseboard $58: 31 Bits recently launched their first ever home collection sourced responsibly from Uganda and Indonesia, which includes a gorgeous assortment of teak wood spoons, cutting boards, polished brass trivets, plant dyed napkins, handwoven baskets, and handmade ceramics.

8. Moon Juice Beauty Dust $38: This antioxidant helps protect from free radical damage and enhance elasticity of the skin, while helping the body preserve collagen protein and cope with stress. Let’s jump on the Moon Juice bandwagon!

9. Foundrae Protection Medallions $8,230: A heavy price tag but Foundrae’s modern heirlooms are truly that special and will be handed down from generation to generation . . .

10. Vetiver Tassel $15: Made in Madagascar, these aromatic roots never loose their scent and will fill your space with the small of vetiver.

11. St. Frank Muong Lumbar Pillow $360: St. Frank has some of the most beautiful accent pillows – I personally love this lumbar pillow made from vintage Muong fabric from the tribes of Northern Vietnam.

12. Canvas Hammock $62: Just chill.

13. Jenni Kayne Candle $55: Basil, Ash, Cedar and Musk . . . Jenni Kayne’s new collection of candles smell divine.

14. Carta Moena 12|69 Fragrance $295: Say hello to Carta, a newcomer in the fragrance world that is taking a refreshingly unique approach to fragrance design. Moena 12|69, the first edition, is inspired by the forested Tambopata Province of Peru, so you’ll find beautiful notes of Wild Peruvian Moena, moss, ginger, tobacco leaves and brewed tea.

15. Chabi Chic Moroccan Ceramic Cup $12: Love these handpainted Moroccan ceramics from Chabi Chic – plus, they come in a multitude of colors.

16. Incausa Espiritus del Ande Incense $16: Handcrafted near Cusco, Incausa Espiritus Del Ande Incense Boxes feature six handpressed, natural mortared wood, herb, resin and oil bricks.

17. Matilda’s Magnolias Bloombox Floral Subscription $39: This is not just any flower subscription. Matilda’s Magnolias is putting a fun twist by allowing you to arrange their beautiful blooms. The flowers, which are sourced from Bay Area’s local farmers, are delivered with information and instructions so you can arrange your own bouquet each month!

18. Rebecca de Ravenel Metal Petal Hoop Earrings $385: Tiny, delicate brass petals adorn these large hoop earrings. So chic.

19. Toast Shearling Slippers $100: So incredible soft and cozy.

20. India Cookbook $50: For the ambitious cook who is excited about learning the complexities of Indian cooking.

21. Nannacay Pom Pom Bag $180: Again, pom poms. Enough said.

22. Sea Crochet Silk Maxi $400: Sea’s silk pieces are a closet staple. The prints are stunning and the silhouettes are easy.

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  1. Love that dress! Such cool and unexpected ideas!

    Mary | O Blog da Mary

  2. Michelle wrote:

    I love those picks, especially the mirror and those earrings!

  3. Lexi wrote:

    Ohhh, loving this one!

  4. Dana Levy wrote:

    This guide is divine.. we LOVE all things free spirited!
    You can check out our Holiday gift guide here:

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