Mansi Shah

Driven by line, form, color, volume, texture and composition, New York City based designer Mansi Shah has launched her debut collection of habutai silk scarves. The prints are beautiful and the scarves, with their hand rolled hems, are substantially sized – perfect for experimenting to create the most distinct accessory.



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Seattle based boutique Totokaelo is feeding my online shopping habit and ongoing denim obsession. Their brilliantly curated selection of denim includes R13, Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto and cult-favorite Chimala. The rest is focused on long lasting, minimalist wares. No frills. No fuss. Exactly what I’m looking for.


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Fly Art

What if Q-Tip teamed up with Rousseau? Or Kanye with Vermeer? Or J. Lo with Manet? Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano, the duo behind Fly Art, are bringing fine art and hip hop together into a series of brilliant collaborations. I mean, Botticelli must have been thinking Venus “woke up like this” – no?


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