DIY Fabric Wrapped Teva Sandals

Ever since Tevas were re-introduced into my life four years ago, I haven't stopped loving them - and bringing them with me on nearly every trip I take in the summer months. They're comfortable AF. End of story. So when I saw that the geniuses behind Arizona Love were wrapping "trekky" sandals in strips of colorful bandanas, I kicked myself for not thinking of the idea myself. Honestly, brilliant!! Obviously, I had to give it a try myself. I used some of my favorite Liberty fabric that I recently picked up while in London, and took the finished product for a spin while in Italy last week. They held up fabulously - even in 100°F heat - and quite honestly, quickly became the only sandal I wore the entire trip. I'm obsessed my reinvented Tevas and can't wait to make more!

You'll Need:

Start by tearing your fabric into 1/2" strips. Snip the selvage side of the fabric. Then, while gripping both sides of the cut, quickly rip it to the other end. You know you're doing it right when it's being ripped along the width, not the length.

Continue ripping your fabric. you'll need 4 strips per shoe so 8 strips total.

The edges will turn in when tearing your fabric so you'll want to quickly iron them flat before wrapping.

You'll start by sewing one of your strips onto the velcro strap first. Open the ankle velcro strap and pull it out of the hardware. Lay it flat against one of the strips of fabric.

Fold the edges in tightly and secure the fabric to the strap with pins. Use a straight stitch and sew the edges down, as far to the edges as you can.

Trim away any excess fabric.

Next, you'll wrap the heel strap. Pull a different strip of fabric through the piece of hardware that connects the heel strap and the ankle strap. Leave about an inch and a half of the end and tie it into a double knot, around the top of the hardware.

Start wrapping the fabric strip around the heel strap. Pull the end of the fabric through the opposite hardware.

Next, you'll wrap the strap that runs alongside the side of the foot. Pull another strip of fabric through the hardware that connects the heel strap to the side strap. Tie the end of that, with the end of the heel strap fabric, into a double knot.

NOTE: The left photo is incorrect. The ends of the fabric should be entering opposing sides of the hardware so that when you tie a double knot, you're tying the knot around the top of the hardware.

Start wrapping the fabric around the side strap.

When you're done wrapping, pull the end through the hardware that connects the side strap to the toe strap.

Lastly, you'll wrap the toe strap. You'll be wrapping over the closed velcro strap here so before you start wrapping, be sure to fit the toe strap correctly over your feet. Once it's wrapped, you won't be able to adjust it. Once your strap is adjusted and closed, add a drop of fabric or tacky glue at the end of the toe strap. Place the end of the fabric over the glue, as close to the base of the show as possible. Then, start wrapping the fabric.

Once you get to the end, tuck it through the hardware and tie it into a double knot with the side strap fabric.

Take your fabric shear and trim the ends of the fabric and any stray threads.

tutorial and images by HonestlyWTF; Arizona Love sandals $185

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  1. Rena wrote:

    Oh, this is really a fantastic idea! Thanks for the DIY! Now I can pimp up my used Tevas 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Erica wrote:


  2. Lucy wrote:

    I’ve just ordered some cheap hiking sandals and am doing this for me and my friend! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Laurel wrote:

    I love this idea! I also like Teva sandals a lot and wear them every time. This DIY is a cool idea, can’t wait to try it.

  4. Nix wrote:

    Spotted the Arizona Trekkies and loved them, but would not pay the huge price tag so after following your advice have a pair for £35 UK pounds, you can’t tell the difference and they are soooh easy to make, thanks for the amazing how to guide

  5. Sophie wrote:

    Hi this is so cool! Do you think it would work ok with no sewing at all – just fabric glue?



  6. Rebecca wrote:

    off subject, but do you know the name of the polish on your toes. Perfect pink for summer!