How I Stay Focused + Inspired

This post was created in partnership with Uber. All opinions are my own.

Over the last year or so, I've gone from being a proud, self-proclaimed multi-tasker to someone in search of a slower, more mindful pace. Between raising two young children and running my own business, there's a constant feed of external stimuli to keep me feeling overwhelmed and on the edge of burn out. By simply tweaking a few things in my day to day life, I've been able find a renewed sense of self. Here are some of my favorite practices:

  1. Unplug: The biggest hurdle by far was getting accustomed to unplugging for a few moments each day. Setting a time limit on social media, or simply not having my phone with me when I'm out running short errands, has made me exponentially happier. I feel less "busy" and once it became a habit, being in the moment with my kids, husband and friends has been non-negotiable!
  2. Establish priorities: This has been a game changer. Prioritizing what's most important to me has helped decision making easier. Identifying the things that fulfill me the most, like spending time with family or only taking on projects that I'm 100% passionate about, has helped me confidently turn down the opportunities that might crowd my time and mind space.
  3. Regenerate: Whether it's something as small as taking a break for a snack or a quick workout, or something as substantial as an overnight or weekend getaway, any kind of reprieve from day to day tasks helps renew vigor and sharpen mental focus.

When Uber recently announced new Ride Preferences that let you personalize Uber Black trips, I knew this was something I would take advantage of. Uber Black's new Ride Preferences allow you to request Temperature Preferences, Luggage Support and my personal favorite, a Silent Ride. A few weeks ago, I requested an Uber Black trip to Sausalito for a weeknight staycation with my husband. With the simple act of silencing my phone and sitting in silence, even for a short 20 minutes, I was able to unplug and regenerate! My 24 hours of self care were jump-started in the car, even before arriving at my destination! I hope that you guys request the new Ride Preferences and experience the benefits for yourselves.


photography and video by Andrea Posadas

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