DIY Pom Pom Pillows

If you don’t know by now, Lauren and I are obsessed with pom poms. Discovering the almighty pom pom maker when we first started HonestlyWTF a few years ago was an absolute game changer. Pom pom birthday garlands, pom pom gift tags, pom pom luggage tags, pom pom beanies, pom pom bag charms . . . for awhile there wasn’t a single thing protected from our pom pom craze. Except pillows. After recently lusting over a traditional Moroccan blanket, adorned with giant, fluffy pom poms, I was instantly inspired. My new outdoor sofa was in desperate need of some color and fluff and adding them to a handful of pillows, with Hmong and Guatemalan fabrics I had on hand, was a no brainer.


You’ll need:

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Laurence Doligé

French designer Laurence Doligé has nailed that Parisian je ne sais quoi that we’re always striving to achieve. It’s no wonder – when combined, the simplicity in her relaxed fit pants, denim basics and menswear inspired shirts make each ensemble look so effortless and just plain cool. And that’s how it’s done.





Paradise In Goa

Images from Jade Jagger‘s beach house were published a couple of years ago but I still can’t get over how amazing it is. Situated nearby the jewelry designer’s seasonal boutique in Goa, this West Indian rental is adorned with the most charming details like hot pink textiles, a thatched roof, antique hardware, sheer curtains and vintage dinnerware. It’s all without any trace of ostentation – just the perfect beach bungalow.



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Mansi Shah

Driven by line, form, color, volume, texture and composition, New York City based designer Mansi Shah has launched her debut collection of habutai silk scarves. The prints are beautiful and the scarves, with their hand rolled hems, are substantially sized – perfect for experimenting to create the most distinct accessory.



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