Casanovas Farmhouse

Tucked away in a nature reserve of mountainous Sant Llorenç del Munt, just outside of Barcelona, this restored farmhouse is just oozing with rustic charm and bohemian allure. The eclectic mix of colorful, mismatched details feels effortless yet so stylishly refined. There isn’t a bit of it I don’t absolutely love. And that outdoor patio? Dreamy!



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This Is Miroslav Sasek

I recently came across Czech illustrator Miroslav Sasek‘s set of reissued children’s travel books and instantly fell in love. After publishing the first of his This Is… series in 1959, M. Sasek continued to capture the essence of worldly destinations like London, Israel, Munich, San Francisco and Hong Kong, with his delightfully notable midcentury style. How wonderful that over fifty years later, these books are still being appreciated by children and adults alike.



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Le Sirenuse

Nestled into the cliffs of Positano, overlooking the Amalfi Coast, is Le Sirenuse – an eighteenth century summer villa turned hotel that has become legendary in this sleepy, romantic village. I love that the traditional details, like the hand painted tiled floors, the poppy red exterior and decorative antiques, haven’t been changed a bit over the years. And the indoor vines and outdoor lemon trees?! Charming and perfect. Andiamo!



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