A few months ago, we spent the day with the folks behind A&E‘s newest network fyi., while they documented a typical day at HonestlyWTF for their series Inspired. We’re so flattered to have been part of the inaugural show, especially amongst other wonderfully creative tastemakers like Justina Blakeny and Jacey Duprie. We hope you enjoy this little peek into what motivates us each and every day!




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Dream Series

We all love Gray Malin‘s work, but his latest series, Dream Series, is a refreshing departure from his signature aerial photography. Inspired by a Scottish sheep farmer who dyed his sheep, Gray shot this series to inspire people to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Traveling to rural Australia to work with a third generation family of sheep farmers, each sheep was professionally misted with a vegetable based, non-toxic and rinsable dye to give a bright hue. And in an effort to inspired others to dream big and stand as individuals, twenty percent of the proceeds from “Dream Series” will go to Make A Wish Foundation.





Rock Roll Ride

Inspired by vintage Playboy magazines and her love of the 60s, Julia Restoin Roitfeld has made her directorial debut with a short film featuring Poppy Delevingne and Dylan Penn in a hot trio of Stuart Weitzman boots. If this sexy yet playful number doesn’t get you in the mood for effortlessly glamorous thigh high, foxy over the knee or rough and tough motorcycle boots, then Fall is simply lost on you. <wink>

(video courtesy of Stuart Weitzman)

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