J.Crew x Drakes

J.Crew has collaborated with English haberdasher Drakes and man, is it a match made in pattern heaven. Known for their handmade silk ties and scarves, the East London based heritage brand is debuting their first ever collection for women. Scarves, shoes and pajama inspired tops and pants are printed with bengal tigers, tropical birds and unicorns, in a dreamy color palette of pink, burgundy and green. So good, we want it all.



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A Workers Cottage In Queensland

Workers cottages, which were popular in Queensland, Australia during the turn of the 20th century, are known for their obvious charm and solid foundations. When photographer Kara Rosenlund settled on one that was built in 1890, she knew that despite the need for some renovations, she would stay true to the authenticity of the original home. It was also important to keep everything white as to provide a clean backdrop to her beautiful photography and the collection of treasures she’s amassed over the years. And how stunning is the consistent use of the warm, rich hues of toffee in the form of bedding, furniture and frames?! This house is in one word, flawless.



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Claudia Li Fall 2016

She’s become a master at sculptural draping and yet, she’s only two seasons into her eponymous label. Designer Claudia Li, a former womenswear designer at J.W. Anderson, pursued the theme of self preservation for her latest collection. After a personal event shocked her world, she was inspired to incorporate knots, bows and panels to form an amour against the body – especially around the most fragile parts, like ankles and wrists. Not only do we love the ingenious way she’s able to make robust and powerful silhouettes feel lightweight and still a bit vulnerable, we’re just smitten with what she’s done with denim. I mean, just look at the denim jacket with billowing sleeves constructed of woven indigo yarns. Incredible!




Trompe L’Oreille

Earrings that thread, pierce, and twist through piercings that don’t exist. <Rubs eyes.> Huh?! You mean I don’t have to get even more piercings to make it look like I’m wearing an ear full? YES. Jewelers like Maria Black and Smith + Mara are creating delicate and precious metal ear pieces that fool the eyes to believe you’re sporting multiple piercing when you’re actually wearing just one. But your ears aren’t pierced at all? Catbird and Erstwhile have got your covered with super chic options that simply cuff and screw onto the ear. 

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