There’s a promising newcomer to the shoe industry and I can’t wait to get my feet in a pair of Neous. The London based brand was founded by shoemaker Alan Buanne, formerly of Nicholas Kirkwood, and stylist Vanissa Antonious, a former Harper’s Bazaar editor. Starting a label was never part of their career path, but after noticing a lack of beautifully handcrafted shoes at a fair price point in the market, the duo knew it was time to fill that void. Their debut collection is all about abstract minimalism, with suede and leather shoes that are crafted using traditional Italian shoemaking techniques and with prices that start at $350. I’m especially loving tan leather slides, accessorized with geometric metal details. Perfect for summer wear.



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Bonsergent Studio

Believe it or not, one of the things I miss most about living in the East Coast is winter. Mainly because of the outerwear that the season demands. I’m not complaining – it’s just that California never gets cold enough to put all the coats I’ve collected over the years, and continue to buy, into heavy rotation! So when I come across a gem of an online retailer like Bonsergent Studio, it takes every ounce of my being to restrain myself from buying another vintage coat. The European based e-shop curates a well edited selection of affordable designer secondhands and vintage clothing, with an underlying belief that good quality wares hold their value over time. I favor the outerwear category, obviously, for its collection of timeless cashmere and wool coats for less than $200. I’ve never wanted a belted forest green coat more. And no, I definitely don’t need it.



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Oamul Lu

There’s an innocent and simple quality to Chinese illustrator Oamul Lu‘s work. I love his animated GIFs, which come to life with just the slighted and most subtle movements. If only I can spend a day living in Oamul’s utopia  . . .



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It’s A Patch Party

No coat, handbag or shoe is safe from my patch obsession – my most recent tutorial is proof. Many of you have been asking about the Gucci-inspired denim jacket I made last year, as several of the patches are no longer available. Since an exciting batch of iron-ons are on their way to me, I thought I’d round up some alternate options and some new favorites. Just click on any of the patches below for direct links to purchase. Happy DIYing!


DIY Bug Patch Boots

I was bitten by the Dior bug the moment Maria Grazia Chiuri sent tulle skirts, dotted with tiny embroidered bees, butterflies, flies and ladybugs, down the runway last fall. They were so whimsical and beautiful, I had to find a way to DIY my own bug infested .  . . something. And since there’s nothing I love more than embellishing shoes <insert shrug emoji here>, a pair of inexpensive velvet ankle boots was destined for a fly makeover.

You’ll need:

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