My Decorist Makeover

The one thing that astounded me the most, after we finished our home renovation, was how challenging decorating can be. You can imagine how this quandary comes to me as a surprise, especially considering how dogmatic I am about what I love and hate when it comes to design. But there’s something about it being our first home that feels almost too precious, that I’ve had a tiresome time actually pulling the trigger on big pieces of furniture, artwork and a comprehensive look. I’ve come to the realization that sometimes, it’s just better to relinquish control and let someone else make the decisions for you. And that’s where Decorist and designer Will Wick came to save the day with our master bedroom design . . .



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Strathberry Of Scotland

I’ve got a new crush. And it’s on these absolutely gorgeous handcrafted leather bags from Strathberry of Scotland. The brand was recently launched with a mission to produce luxury leather handbags in small batches, using the finest materials and craftsmanship, at exceptionally reasonable prices. It’s amazing that their large tote, my personal favorite and which can take over 14 hours to produce, will cost a fraction of your typical, pervasive luxury handbag. I just can’t get over the incredible quality and am just smitten with the exceptional details like their signature gold bar that adorns each piece. Honestly, so in love!





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