How To Make Your Moodboard A Reality

I’m addicted to color. I mean, the proof is in the Pinterest board. Although sometimes, I find myself struggling to execute the daring color palettes I relish from afar. So recently, while brainstorming with my friend and interior stylist Bianca Sotelo, we thought it would be fun to turn my favorite moodboard into a reality. So Bianca brilliantly transformed my favorite color combination of lilac, pink, turquoise and rust into the most gorgeous, outdoor fall tablescape. I love the mismatched chairs, the unexpected pops of indigo and the layering of linens. Today, she’s sharing tips on how it call came together, including a DIY trick you can do at home!

1. Paint goes a long way! Start by painting a few chairs to bring your color palette to your scene in a big way. If you don’t have any chairs lying around, you can almost always find free chairs to DIY on Craigslist! You can also spray paint decorative tabletop objects like candlesticks. Pro tip: you can find a larger assortment of spray paint colors at art stores versus hardware stores.

2. Flowers are an easy way to bring in color. So skip your normal go-to blooms and choose something unique to your theme. My advice is to identify the color you have the least of in your setup, and gather blooms in that color!

3. Instead, of purchasing completely new linens every time you throw a party, start with a neutral tablecloth and focus on how napkins can help tell the color story. Napkins are a less expensive option and you can even have fun dyeing your own! You can use the opportunity to bring in two colors by mixing and matching napkins like we did in this look!

4. Candles come in a million different hues (just look for them on Amazon) and are a great way to add an unexpected pop of color to your tabletop. We chose aqua to tie back into the color of our plates.

5. Create a menu that subtly incorporates your colors. We carefully selected cheeses that worked well with our color scheme. We also grabbed pretty produce and chose a cocktail that fit in with our pink, plum and blood orange palette!

Collage: HonestlyWTF
Photography: Andrea Posadas
Styling: Bianca Sotelo
Dinnerware: Jered’s Pottery
Tablecloth + Pink Napkins: Rough Linen
Table, Glasses, Chairs, Blue Napkins, Grey Pom Pom Blanket, Striped Pillow: Elsie Green
Colored Pillows: H&M 
Flowers: Natalie Bowen

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    I absolutely love this colour scheme, everything seems soooo cozy!

  2. Ashlyn wrote:

    WOW! Stunning! Love this tablescape with these inspired colors.

  3. Love this super colorful set up with simple and quaint decor! It’s yet elegant yet has a cozy feel all at the same time, and just looks so inviting! I also love that there is a kind of vintage victorian vibe happening that adds to the appeal and character of this decor. Amazing description, pictures and presentation!

    • Erica wrote:

      Thanks, Paula!

  4. Great post, great photos and great collage
    New post:

  5. Jane wrote:

    Hi Erica,
    Just read your blog and like it much.
    Think our furniture may match your blog and would liked by your readers.
    If there is any way to do cooperation?
    Looking forward to hear from you.
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