Potluck 100

Remember Lorraine Loots, the artist who took on a 365 day challenge of creating one miniature painting, on a 10cm x 10cm piece of paper, for every day for an entire year? Well, she’s at it again with a new project for 2015: Potluck 100, a new series of 100 paintings in four categories that include microcosms, furry animals and my personal favorite: books! Just look at the awe inspiring, microscope detail of the worn covers, the pages, and the lettering. Lorraine auctions off each of her works via her Instagram account, should any of us be so lucky . . .



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Spotted: Black, White + Denim #MBFWA

Sydney Fashion Week is under way with collections presented by some of our favorite designers like Ellery, Michael Lo Sordo, Tome, Zimmermann, Alice McCall, Josh Goot, Karla Spetic, and Dion Lee. But first, let’s chat about all amazing denim and black and white ensembles spotted outside the shows – three things I’m currently can’t get enough of. We can always rely on our friends down under for their effortlessly paired down, yet still offbeat, vibe.




DIY Indoor Garden

If you know me well, you know that I have a black thumb. I somehow manage to kill cacti for goodness sake! Earlier this year, a someone gifted me an adorable little basil plant. It was a nice gesture but were they not aware of my history as a merciless plant assassin?! But nonetheless, I was determined to keep the basil alive. 3 months later, that little black thumb of mine was gradually turning green hue. Turns out, all you really need is sun, consistent watering, and proper drainage . . . haha, who knew? The basil was flourishing and I was ready to take it step further with an indoor herb garden! Using a vintage tea set, it truly has to one of the easiest and chicest gardening projects even someone like me could appreciate and execute.


You’ll need:

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Farmhouse Charm

From the basket hanging lamps to the mismatching dining table chairs, the word burning stove to the display of blue and white china, and the rustic wood beams to the little displays of collectibles, everything in this renovated Netherlands farm is radiating charm. I especially love how the slight imperfections and the juxtaposition of materials add to the beauty of house. So inspiring!



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