Salt By David Burdeny

I can’t get over the breathtaking range of color emitting from these otherwise prosaic salt flats and dry lake beds, captured so brilliantly by David Burdeny. The Canadian photographer spent years flying over salterns in Western Australia, Utah’s Great Salt Lake and the Mojave Desert, during different times of days and seasons, to seize the right angles. Though they’re man made, you can’t deny the beauty that occurs naturally thanks to organic forces.




Mother Patches

I’ve been on a denim embellishing spree, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see that Mother recently launched a collection of colorful iron on patches that include all the letters of the alphabet, mystical symbols and retro motifs. Perfect stocking stuffers, am I right? I’m literally running out of jeans and denim jackets to DIY but I’m definitely adding these sweet patches to my growing collection until I’m ready to adorn my next piece.


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Khaite Resort 2017

Casual. Polished. Perfection. That’s the essence behind Cate Holstein’s new label Khaite, which launched exclusively at The Line last season. Khaite is classic, American sportswear stripped down to the most bare, yet covetable, basics that include classic, high waisted denim, felted cashmere sweaters, and merino wool bodysuits – my personal favorite. It’s all quite simple, yes, but the attention to detail is essential to the brand’s refreshing appeal. Cashmere undergoes different and multiple wash processes to create an exceptionally soft and luscious texture. The denim sanding process, which is overseen by Cate herself, creates that ideal vintage feel. Perfection comes at a price but there’s no doubt that these pieces would remain closet staples for years.



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Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore has been dubbed Andrea Warhol, the modern day Andy. Inspired by American consumerism, the New Orleans based pop artist adorns iconic and historical figures in designer wares and glamorous duds, but not without her own quirky and humorous twist. I mean, Honest Abe in Gucci? Amazing. Her fearless use of color and textures, like resin and glitter over acrylic on canvas, creates a jovial mood that’s endearing and contagious. “I want to live in a world of laughter, color, sparkle and shine,” Ashley said. “Life is too short to not spend most of the day with a smile.” We couldn’t agree more. 



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Paula Mendoza’s Mechano Dancer

Colombian designer Paula Mendoza‘s latest collection is all about refined textures and linear shapes, a departure from the heavier, more ornate pieces she’s known for. Her bold aesthetic is still recognizable and a few silhouettes have carried over, like wrap bracelets that climb up the wrist and chokers that asymmetrically loop around the neck  – but this time, with a cleaner and more sophisticated approach. I’m especially smitten with the long, sleek earrings that can be worn in several different ways and that are decorated so perfectly with just a subtle gemstone accent.



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