The Farmhouse Of My Dreams

Rustic wood beams, ceramic tiles, herringbone floors, industrial windows, Moroccan doors . . . is it possible that this home boasts all of my favorite things under one roof? I’ve fawned over this space umpteen times and each time, I discover something new. Designer Jennifer Bunsa has paid incredible attention to the most subtle particulars, and taken risks with impactful details, in this Hudson farmhouse. Who would have thought to put a leather saddlebag at the end of a kitchen island? Or an ginormous macramé owl that overflows onto the living room floor? Or bedding to match the wallpaper? Honestly, dreamy.



Inspired by the stately manner in which Kehinde Wiley portrays his young, contemporary African American subjects, artist Jess Phoenix just recently completed her own series of portraitures entitled Queens. Four women of color are each cloaked in dresses printed with Jess’ signature florals and drenched in vibrant colors. I’d love to see her broaden the series even further by delving into more races and cultures. But at the moment, I’m wowed by the beauty of these four Queens.



This ain’t your ordinary straw bag. WaiWai designer Leo Neves has given summer’s hottest handbag some playful, Rio de Janeiro flair with acrylic details, braided leather straps and oversized silk and beaded tassels. The possibilities with this colorful twist on the classic rattan tote are endless as the Brazilian designer is already adding unique details like African-inspired beadwork and charms to his latest designs. Honestly, love.


Innika Choo Summer 2017

Ever since I made my first purchase of embroidered and smocked tops from Innika Choo, I’ve been waiting ever so impatiently for the launch of new product. The Bali-based Australian designer’s long awaited collection finally launched last week and as expected, it’s perfect. Dreamy brocade anglaise blouses are smocked on the shoulders to be worn multiple ways, floor length maxis feature ruffled cap sleeves and prairie-inspired bibs, and hand printed linen tops are finished with Edwardian inspired collars and embroidered rose appliqués. New silhouettes are available in a milky white, peachy pink, lemon yellow and ink black. Yes, yes, yes and yes.


DIY Gold Leaf Planters

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I enrolled in my first pottery workshop last year, while 6 months pregnant with Coco. It was only after the first class that I immediately gained a newfound respect for the art of mastering clay. Pottery requires patience, endurance, and tenacity – all are traits which could use a little polishing. In pottery and in life. I never quite got into the rhythm before Coco was born, but I’m looking forward to re-enrolling and experimenting with more interesting vessels and glazes. In the meantime, I’ve got some new plants that are in desperate need of homes. I stumbled across a lot of awesomely simple $3 terra pots from a recent Ikea pilgrimage. They went from being a temporary solution to a bevy of chic planters, thanks to some extra paint and gold leaf I had laying around in my craft closet. The possibilities are endless here but there’s nothing quite like gilding with high quality gold leaf. Besides, it’s such an easy way to make something look far more expensive than it really is!

You’ll need:


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