Sujan Rajmahal Palace

Exploring India has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and recently, more than ever, I'm feeling the most unbearable urge to cross that wish off my list. Suján Rajmahal Palace, which recently underwent the most splendid renovation, is one of umpteen reasons why Jaipur is an absolute must-visit for me.


The Pink City's oldest palace was built in 1729 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II as a garden retreat for his wife. Years later, it became the residence of the British Resident Political Officer of Rajputana and then eventually returned to Jaipur’s royal family after India gained independence. Jackie Kennedy, Lord Mountbatten and the Queen of England have all been hosted here, mixing duties of state with polo matches and tiger-hunting in Ranthambor. In recent years, the palace, which is still owned by the royal family, underwent a major makeover by Suján, a hospitality group known for their collection of luxury camps and palaces.


Years of restoration were required to return the palace to the palatial glory. 14 rooms, suites and apartments were each reimagined, with its original charm intact, by interior designer and friend of the former royal family, Adil Ahmad. No detail went overlooked. The wallpaper, for example, was custom created for each room and tells the many stories of Jaipur, its rulers, their legacies and the collective history of the Kingdom of Amer. And it's said that there are exactly 51 shades of pink, from hot fuschia to the palest pink, throughout the hotel and outdoor gardens. Now, if that doesn't just make you swoon out loud . . .


“You cannot re-create the past. It just feels like pastiche. But to re-create this style of living—that’s where the past comes in.”


- Adil Ahmad to Travel & Leisure


Have you been to India? I'm all ears if any of you have any tips or recommendations!


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  1. Rena wrote:

    Wow, this is a dream and looks like in a fairy tale!
    Lovely greetings from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Stephanie Cook wrote:

    All these pictures are so beautiful. What a contrast to the India I’ve been seeing on PBS these last few weeks – Sue Perkins traveling on the Ganges. India is incredibly beautiful and fascinating but I’m not sure I could handle the humanity teeming outside these lovely hotels.

    • Neeta King wrote:

      India is populated for sure but you may not see the crazy crowds that are shown by the Ganges, or other such popular spots.
      It’s like seeing Times Square in NYC and thinking all of NYC is that crowded

      Places like Jaipur won’t be as bad as that part of the Ganges (where people go to wash away their sins {and make the river dirtier} )
      If you go to the market places, or big cities like Mumbai, Delhi- the crowds will overwhelm you.

      But Rural India is Beautiful, and has some lovely places to visit like the palace, and not so crazy

    • Andrea wrote:

      “Humanity teeming outside these lovely hotels.” Wow! Poverty and economic disparity is an unfortunate reality in any country. Only difference is that the ‘1st world’ countries have the means to support the poor-stricken in assisted housing, welfare, etc. India is no different. However, what you will see is that those with the least are the happiest. Go outside your pearly hotel walls and you’ll see beautiful smiles on innocent faces, happy to play on the street, happy to share whatever little they have. Humanity is not the wealth you have but the wealth you exude and the wealth you give away. India is a beautiful example of this.

  3. Michelle wrote:

    This place looks so amazing, could be from a Wes Anderson film!

  4. Neeta King wrote:

    India! ✨✨
    Check with a couple of local bloggers in places that are off the beaten path.

    Artists who travel around India to find & revive old works

    Vineeta Nair of Artnlight – IG vineeta.artnlight
    Chandan Dubey – chandandubey

  5. Gabi wrote:

    Bonito mucho rosa

  6. Wow look at that interior! I love the colors and especially the bold wall paper!

  7. Mun wrote:

    So incredible. Definitely a Wes Anderson movie set!

  8. Vaoow. It looks really great. Thanks

  9. Annelies wrote:

    Love your travels & stories