A few things instantly came to mind when I first laid eyes on Aquazzura’s pom pom sandals. 1. Why didn’t I think of this?! 2. Insert salsa dancing emoji here. 3. Must DIY, stat. Boom. So there it was, yet another project filed away in the long summer DIY queue. And it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a heap of colorful, miniature yarn pom poms, that these shoes jumped to the front of the tutorial lineup. 


Before you judge me for buying pom poms, let me justify the shortcut by saying that poms this teeny tiny are extremely time consuming to make so compact and uniform. $9 for 100 high quality pom poms was just too good to pass up, plus it saved it me an entire afternoon of wrapping, cutting and trimming yarn. Honestly, you’ll be done with this project before you can say cha-cha-cha.


You’ll need:


First, just a few tips regarding glue. A hot glue gun is the easiest and quickest way to attach the pom poms to your shoes. However, suede is far more preferable than leather as the hot glue grasps onto textured surfaces better than smooth. If you are gluing to smooth leather shoes, I suggest using E6000. It’ll just require a little more time to let each pom pom set and dry before adding the next. So for this particular pair if sueded heels, I’ll be using a hot glue gun. Place a large dollop of hot glue onto a pom pom and attach it to the center of the end of the toe strap.


The next two pom poms should alternate and stagger with some space in between.


Then continue staggering pom poms with each of them snugly alternating. Finish with a single pom pom at the center of the end of the strap.


Repeat on the other shoe.


Done and done.


For a pair of leather t-strap sandals, use E6000 – however, allow each pom pom to set and dry for a few minutes before adding the next pom pom. If they’re laces, add pom pom to the ends with a hot glue gun!


(images by HonestlyWTF)