Gift Guide 2014: Free Spirit

Our last gift guide of the holiday season is dedicated to the free spirit. For the nonconformist who always sees the beauty in everything . . . we all know one.


1. Rhode Resort Beaded Tribal Tee $360 – The beading around the color of this pale pink silk blouse is simply stunning.

2. Byredo Gypsy Water $280 – We love Stockholm based Byredo’s fragrances. Gypsy Water has notes of bergamot, amber, vanilla, and pepper and juniper berries.

3. Dowry Septum Ring $25 – We all have that friend who can wear anything and look good. She can even rock the septum ring, which you wish you can pull of yourself.

4. Macrame Plant Holder $8 – $8 for a macrame plant holder? I’ll take two – one for you and one for me.

5. Figue Pom Pom Flats $195 – Pom poms on the tippy toes?! Yes, please.

6. Right Tribe Rockafellow Leather Visor $58 – Visors aren’t just for sport. These handcrafted leather visors are super chic – and if you’re up for making your own just check out our tutorial here.

7. Gold & Grey Wood Tassel Bracelet $26 – Why have one if you can have 5 – one in each color!

8. Jonathan Adler Hashish Candle $68 – Once this black currant, wormwood, patchouli and moss scented candle burns out, the porcelain vessel makes for a great stash box. Hey, that was Jonathan’s suggestion – not mine!

9. 2015 Moon Calendar $140 – Waxing, waning, crescent . . . this indigo dyed cotton calendar is the perfect way to track the different phases of the moon.

10. Mr. Kate Beauty Marks $12 – These rose gold tinted temporary tattoos are pretty and so much fun to play with. Plus, part of every sale goes to fund Rett Syndrome Research to raise awareness and help find a cure for Rett.

11. Embellished Brass and Silver Zippo $500 – Artist Nick Potash hand engraved this brass Zippo with flaming hearts, arrows and spider webs. Rad.

12. Acapulco Chair $435 – Not much has changed with the Acapulco chair since the 1950s. We love their relaxed vibe and vibrant color options.

13. Gold & Grey Knotted Pyrite and Diamond Buddha Necklace $705 – We love the bohemian beach spirit that inspires designer Lily Grey’s jewelry collection. The quality of this hand knotted necklace with Pyrite and diamond and bone Buddha pendant is stunning.

14. Watercolor Set $144 – Every free spirited soul needs a watercolor brush set.

15. Ella Lou Vintage Ikat Pillow $48 – The colors of this reasonably priced vintage Turkish ikat pillow are beautifully colorful and bright.

16. Set of Gypset Books $135 – To inspire the jetsetting gypsy . . .

17. Leather Framed Mirror $625 – We love this no fuss, camp-style mirror.

18. Custom Magic Pouch $40 – To store those healing crystals, of course.

19. Palo Santo Incense Sticks $10 – These incense sticks, used by the Incasa for centuries, are used to purifying and cleaning spaces. Plus, they smell amazing.

20. Lap Loom $46 – A must have to make your own woven wall hanging!

21. Solid Gold Jacquie Aiche Snake Ring $3,440

22. Evil Eye Pillow $24 – For good luck.

23. Teepee Incense Burner $4 – Kitchy but awesome.

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  1. These are awesome picks!

  2. Lindsey wrote:

    Yeap pretty much nailed a gift list I’d love anything from :). Ps the lap loom & the macrame plant hanger rank pretty high hehe

  3. Not only am I incredibly flattered that our ikat pillows made your round up today, but I think I may just have to forward this to my husband as a little “hint list.” There isn’t a single thing included here that I wouldn’t be thrilled to receive under the tree.

  4. The Gypset books! Yes! All of this is very cool.

  5. Diana wrote:

    Please check out my blog! 🙂

  6. Diana wrote:

    Please check out my blog! x

  7. Yolonda wrote:

    That leather visor is everything!

  8. Such a diversity of gifts! I’m eying on that ‘Lap Loom DIY kit’!

  9. Jeanne wrote:

    How cool and inspiring! I love your post!

  10. meg wrote:

    i can’t believe the price of those macrame plant holders!! i’m going to order those for my friends for Christmas!

  11. These Gifts are amazing and pretty. These gifts can be used daily and the price for buying these gifts are amzing.