Gift Guide 2018: For The Tots

Shopping for kids is the most fun. This year, I always try to be mindful about the number of toys and types of toys we buy for our children. Quality over quantity. Although this year, I'm also all about incorporating a few experiential gifts, in lieu of material gifts  - like tickets to a show like Cirque du Soleil or to a professional sports game, a ski trip, a membership to a museum, a coupon for a "yes" day, etc. Nevertheless, these are just a few of my favorite gifts for the littles . . .

  1. OMY Giant Coloring Poster $12: these giant coloring posting = hours of pure fun.
  2. Brikkon Space Rocket $33: these wooden sculptures take brick building to another level and are compatible with Legos.
  3. Pom Pom Hat $17: pom poms, enough said.
  4. Sticky Lemon Backpack $54: I love that their backpacks are made from recycled PET bottles. They're so wonderfully constructed, easy to clean, colorful and fun!
  5. Oeuf Rebel Crown $59: rebel girl, go.
  6. OMY Removable Wall Stickers $10: stickers that are removable and won't damage walls? Brilliant.
  7. Little People, Big Dreams $15: A series of books meant to inspire girls with stories about Freda Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall and so many more.
  8. 4M Tin Can Robot $10: recycle aluminum cans and turn them into motorized robots!
  9. Le Toy Van Market $119: an oh-so-sweet little market stand.
  10. Tangram Puzzle $7: a mini puzzle, perfect to take on the go.
  11. Italtrike tricycle $95: Italtrike is an Italian brand that has been creating children's toys and tricycles since 1983. I love that this one has a little basket.
  12. Everybloom Pom Pom Headband $18: (see number 3).
  13. Uniqlo Light Padded Parka $40: I buy this coat every time our kids outgrow theirs. It's so lightweight yet warm - and affordable!
  14. Oeuf Personalized Purse $50: simple, personable and just darling.
  15. LuluLuvs Scrunchie $15: they're back!
  16. Solvej Baby Swing $220: beautifully crafted swings, made in New Zealand, that are made to last.
  17. Bug Catcher and Magnifier $8: up close & personal with creepy crawlers!
  18. Walkie Talkies $37: a set of 4 walk talkies for all those great big outdoor adventures!

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  1. Julia G wrote:

    I love this gift guide, thank you! That Sticky Lemon backpack is so cute!

  2. Astha wrote: