My Shower Routine

Routine showers never felt so luxurious and self indulgent until I became a mother. It’s amazing how a few minutes of rare solitude can give you so much clarity – it’s where my best ideas evolve and naturally, where I get my clean and fresh start every morning! So you can understand why every part of my regimen is precious and purposeful. Before I step in the shower, I dry brush my body with a natural bristle brush to help exfoliate and detoxify my skin. Then after shampooing and conditioning my hair, I rinse with method‘s newest Foaming Body Wash in Ruby Orange. I love the light, citrusy scent, the moisturizing properties, and the super convenient and mess-free pump. I’ve been a longtime fan of method’s line of non toxic household products and their commitment to sustainability. I respect that fact that all their ingredients are naturally derived and that each of their bottles are made with recyclable plastic – plus, the designs of each of their products are so chic and fun. It’s impossible not to be inspired by their eco-conscious efforts, which is why I keep my showers short and sweet. Honestly, water is precious!

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All opinions are my own. Photography by Ashley Batz)

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  1. Zen wrote:

    Never tried this brand 🙂 Lately been going down the natural route and using a lot of food-based DIY beauty products- reviewing them for my creative living blog 🙂

  2. Sze wrote:

    I will try the body wash. But R+Co moon shine is my all time favorite shampoo!

  3. shower moment is the best moment in a day!

  4. Appreciate for sharing such a great blog.

  5. Bernice Alston wrote:

    After reading about method I am totally and ten percent inspired to try it. The sent of orange is my fav!…the fact it is foam,with a mess free pump is perfect,I will definitly be giving it a try thankyou for also using natural ingredients in your body wash! Awesome!