It’s been four years since Abe and I moved into our newly remodeled house and believe it or not, we’re still working our way down a long list of to-dos. That may sound stressful but one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from being a homeowner is to not rush through all the details. And if you know me, you’d understand how that lesson was a difficult pill to swallow. But it turns out, taking on projects piece by piece actually makes home ownership manageable and actually more exciting! Plus, taking the time to figure out what is needed to accommodate your family’s habits and lifestyle really cuts back on any hurried mistakes. So I guess this is the moment when I confess that we’ve been without a shower curtain in our guest bathroom all this time . . .

When we designed this part of the house, we knew we wanted to raise the ceilings. This bathroom wasn’t particularly large so the idea was to bring in more light by creating high ceilings, giving the illusion of more space. So with so much height in our second bathroom – the only bathroom with a tub – we knew we couldn’t rely on an average length shower curtain. We should be accentuating the height, not distracting from it! So for years, I’ve skirted around this conundrum. That’s when Esurance came into the picture, reinforcing the value of customization and inspiring me to finally tackle this one glaring item on that to-do list. I fell in love with the amazing macramé shower curtain that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess made but was still challenged with how to add at least 10 more inches of length. Instead of sewing trip over the curtain, I added trim along the bottom edge and then tied on cords to give it the length it needed. Voila. Problem solved.

You’ll need:

Start by pinning the macramé trim to the bottom hem of the shower curtain. Use your sewing maching to run a zig zag stitch along the hem.

Determine how much more length is needed for the curtain to hit the floor of the bathroom. Double that amount and add 2 inches. Cut segments of rope to that length. If you’re using thick, twisted rope like I did (only because that’s what I had lying around in our shed), you can untwist it into three smaller cords.

Fold one of the cords in half.

Push the loop through one of the

Pull the cords tight. Continue the process along entire width of the trim.

Once you’re finished, hang the curtain on shower hooks. You might need to give the fringe a bit of a haircut!

Not only do I love the way it turned out, the weight of the curtain actually prevents it from annoyingly falling from the curtain rings!

It just goes to show how patience pays off. Sometimes personalization is worth the wait and doesn’t need to be overthought!

(Photography by Andrea Posadas and HonestlyWTF. Tutorial adapted from A Beautiful Mess. Baskets, bath mat and Turkish towels from The Citizenry, plant basket from Far & Wide Collective, bath towel from Anthropologie, shower curtain from Restoration Hardware. This post was created in partnership with Esurance. All opinions are my own.)