Mr. Brainwash

I took this photo in LA, done by local Parisian artists Mr. Brainwash, (aka Thierry Guetta).  Notice I did not call him graffiti artist, he isn’t really your typical law breaking bandit.  He blends historical references with pop culture and iconic images. I saw his show, in 2008, where he used anything from old vinyl albums, books, vintage stereo’s, cars, and lots of other found objects.  I love seeing his “Life is Beautiful ” image on my way to work.  I can’t wait for the next show.  Looks like Belle Sauvage found some inspiration from his artwork too!

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  1. fanofblog wrote:

    mr brainwash does not exist he was created by banksy…the art is banksy – the whole thing is a sham

  2. alex wrote:

    ah i just discovered your blog, and since its exam week, of course i’ve gone through the entire archive 😀 Beautiful work.

    But you should definitely watch “Exit through the gift shop” a documentary by Bansky all about the rise of street art + the making of “Mr Brainwash”. Its hilarious and has some beautiful footage.

    Especially the short clip where they shadow Swoon, my favorite!

  3. Lara wrote:

    That´s funny…

  4. Jay Harrington wrote:

    This guy doesn’t even make his own art- he has hired artists creating everything, he just picks out what he likes. I second alex that you should def watch “Exit through the gift shop”, then you can see that Mr. Brainwash is not only NOT a graffitti artist, he’s not an artist at all, just a scammer.

  5. Mariel wrote:

    you really should watch the movie