Bird Postage

Colombian based artist Diana Beltran Herrera has been constructing the exotic bird sculptures, out of paper, since 2012. Each paper sculpture starts with an extensive study of each bird species and their natural habitat. Her most recent project incorporates birds into life sized stamps from Asia and South America. The vibrant colors and intricate details are absolutely exquisite! How amazing would it be if any of these countries printed these beauties as their official postage stamp? If anything, I’d love to just see her continue the series.



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Alix of Bohemia

Alix Verley-Pietrafesa first started sewing her own jackets, made from textiles, buttons and appliqués that she had collected from her worldly travels, while attending university in Scotland. Today, she continues to create bespoke, bohemian inspired outerwear from her home base in New York and has garnered a cult following. Her coats are works of art – each one unique and spontaneously designed as they’re constructed. Sadly, her latest collection, which includes beautiful medley of ribbon detailing, ruffles and embroidery, is already sold out. However, it doesn’t mean I’m not keeping close tabs on what Alix produces next . . .

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Top 5 Instagram Vintage Rug Sellers

Finding the right rug can be an arduous effort. And when you pass up the perfect one of a kind, the regret can be torturous. I speak from experience. Thanks to social media, however, I’ve uncovered a handful of incredible vintage rug sellers that have helped feed my obsession. And now, I’m optimistic that, soon enough, I’ll find that rug I’ve been searching for . . .

Hamlet Interiors: Veronica Hamlet travels from her home base in Michigan to Marrakesh, multiple times a year, to source an impressive and large collection of stunning, vintage Moroccan rugs. If you’re looking for colorful, large scale Berber rugs, she’s your gal. Not only am I always on the lookout for updates on newly added rugs to her online shop, I continuously find myself living vicariously through her Morocco travels via her Instagram feed.



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General Store’s Serena Mitnik-Miller Topanga Canyon Home

If you follow Serena Mitmik-Miller‘s beautifully serene Instagram feed, you’ve probably found yourself swooning over her Topanga Canyon home. Go figure. Her living space is an extension of her meticulously curated boutique of handcrafted clothing and home goods, General Store. After moving to Los Angeles from San Francisco, to open their second store, Serena and her husband, architect Mason St. Peter, took on a project to restore a 1927 hunting cabin in LA’s largest wilderness area. I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist by nature, but I can greatly admire the way in which they have made their somewhat pared down space so incredibly warm and inviting.



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