Hula’s Arctic Iceberg Mural

You might remember muralist Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, who first caught our attention with his striking concrete and iceberg murals, which are only accessible by his stand up paddle board. After an inspiring trip to Iceland last year, Hula is back in the Arctic – this time on Baffin Island, of the Canadian arctic archipelago, to search for a massive, but rapidly melting, glacier on which he could quickly paint a portrait of a local Inuit woman. It is a tribute to the local culture and the effects of climate change on the Inuit community. Not before long, the glacier and Hula’s breathtaking mural will melt away. But there is only hope that his message will live on.




Crescioni Fall 2016

Joining her collection of leather stitched and sculptural brass jewelryAndria Crescioni has introduced two gorgeous, new handbag styles. A structural saddle bag and clutch, available in oxblood and black, feature Crescioni’s signature leather handles and are constructed using the same saddle stitching techniques that we admire so much. The California based designer’s modern interpretation of traditional western leather goods is so on point.



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A House Of Found Objects

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with what to do with boxes and boxes of excess “stuff” (I call them treasures, my husband calls ’em junk) that you’ve amassed over the years, then may you find some comfort and inspiration in the home of Karolina Vertus. The stylist, and owner of clothing and home decor boutique Miloii, skillfully walks that fine line between eclectic liberation and refined restraint. The soft color palette serves as a calming backdrop to all of the beautiful, found objects that Karolina has so stylishly incorporated into her Swedish flat. I’m taking notes!



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Grav Grav

It was her love of nature that inspired Merve Burma to start crafting wooden bags in her Instanbul-based workshop. But wait, these are not just any wooden bags. Merve cross stitches intricate fruit and floral motifs onto the oak, walnut and beech wood surfaces of clutches, backpacks and shoulder bags! I adore the vintage, granny-chic appeal . . . honestly, does it get any cuter?



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