eL Seed

French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed has a unique style which he’s coined as “calligraffiti,” the combination of calligraphy and graffiti. His murals, which have adorned walls on nearly every continent, incorporate traditional Arabic calligraphy and depict fragments of Qatari poetry and Arabic phrases. His most recent work can be found in his book Lost Walls, A Calligraffiti Journey Through Tunisia where he painted 24 walls in 4 weeks. This first “lost wall” he used as a canvas was his grandparents home that has been abandoned since 1986. What a way to honor and bring life back into such a special place.





DIY Upcycled Vintage Plates

My collection of vintage china is growing at a concerning rate. I’m addicted to scouring flea markets for the finest porcelain and snatching up affordably priced mismatched sets online. But honestly, what is one to do with all those saucers, tea cups and dinner plates?! When I saw Melanie Rose‘s upcycled vintage plates in London last summer, I was instantly inspired to DIY my own. No ifs, ands or bugs. And now finally, after some trail and error, I’ve finally narrowed down the proper materials and mastered the right technique. Thank goodness for all those spare plates!


You’ll need:



For Love & Lemons Knitz

After spending the last year testing various yarns and perfecting the coziest textures and weaves, designers Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall have launched their debut collection of knitwear for fall. And leave it to the purveyors of the daintiest and sexiest lingerie to design knit jumpsuits, dresses, tank tops, oversized beanies and sweaters that manage to be . . . well, sexy and wearable. Having to say goodbye to summer doesn’t seem so bad after all, no? 



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Food Play

Who says playing with your food is a no no? Food stylist Anna Keville Joyce surely doesn’t abide by that nonsense. In collaboration with photographer Agustín Nieto, Anna has created portraits of various birds and landscapes of Eastern European capitals – all using salts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Because she’s working with perishable foods, you can truly appreciate how quickly she must work to bring these incredibly inventive studies to life.



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