My husband and I have a running joke that our home doubles as a bed and breakfast, with friends and family coming to stay with us nearly every other weekend. We live for it. In anticipation for our guests’ arrival, I always look forward to setting up the guest bedroom with fresh linens, folded towels on the bed, and a pair of beautifully styled bedside tables. Not only is creating a special space for your guests a welcoming and much appreciated gesture, it increases the cozy factor by a million. I recently snatched up a few incredible pieces from Target, including a killer vintage inspired bamboo tray table and some dreamy indigo linens, so I can share with you some of my tips for styling an bedside end table.




Choosing a table: Pick an accent table where the top surface is in line with the top of the mattress, if not, then just a tad higher. I also love the unexpected use of the tray table as a bedside table. If you’re working with a small room, a light and leggy table like this one is able to give the illusion of more space.


Books add height and dimension: Stacking coffee table books create higher surfaces, creating more depth and dimension. Plus, they add such wonderful color!


Choose a low maintenance plant: Most succulents only require watering once every two weeks which makes them a perfect, low maintenance plant to have around – especially if you’re as forgetful about watering as I am! I like mixing up textures and colors so this ceramic planter helps tone down all the brassy colors.


Desk lamps take up less space: I love using desk lamps on side table because the bases take up less surface area and they are really functional for bedside reading.


Use covered containers to hide the clutter: Containers with lids are great for storing matches, lip balm, and other small items for your guests. I mean, how adorable is this turtle dish?




(images by HonestlyWTF)