Spring is in full bloom and my weekends have been spent soaking up the glorious weather, shopping at the farmer’s market, embarking on mini getaways and enjoying picnics in the park. Surely, these outings need a carryall to reflect my chipper state of mind, right? With a bevy of handmade, multicolored tassels, I gave the ubiquitous straw market tote a much needed makeover. The result is a bag that couldn’t look happier if it tried . . .


You’ll need:


For every skein of embroidery floss, you will be able to make 2 short tassels. So with 60 skeins, you will get 120 tassels – this is enough to cover the entire bag. If you want to just do the front side, then 30 skeins should be enough. Start by removing the paper sleeves from the skein of embroidery floss. Cut about 16 inches of floss off the skein and save it for later.


Cut the skein into two sections and then cut each of those sections in half to create a total of four sections.


Combine two sections together. Now cut the 2 feet of extra floss into 4 equal sections. Center one of the strands under one of the bundles of floss and tie into a double knot.


Fold the bundle. Center another strand under the folded bundle.


Tie the top into a double knot. Trim but keep the top strands intact.


Turn on your favorite TV series and get ready to dedicate a couple of hours making tassels . . . 120 of them! Be patient – it’s so worth it!


Thread one end of the strands through an embroidery needle. Sew one end through one section of the straw bag and sew the other end through the other side.


From the inside of the bag, tie the strands into a double knot.


Continue tying on the tassels!


And that’s all, folks!


(images by HonestlyWTF)