Currently Crushing On: Woven Cane

Straw, rattan, cane . . . ’tis the season for all things woven. I’ve been obsessing over cane, a woven webbing that has been used in furniture making for over 100 years because of its versatility and durability. And after some online scouring, I was recently able to track down a few sheets of beautiful cane webbing, with the intent to give some flea market finds a second life. And since I’m currently obsessed with all things cane, I’m totally snagging up a pair of these leather trimmed cane slides from Australian label St. Agni. And maybe the bag too . . .

(St. Agni sandals $115, St. Agni tote $229, Anthropologie Caterina peacock chair $898)

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    The shoes are so stylish, I never thought that woven cane would work so well in shoes!

  2. Eva wrote:

    These are so beautiful! We had chairs in that pattern when I was growing up. They were so 80’s!! I can’t believe everything is back in style now – how funny! Also, I can’t think rattan without thinking of SNL’s The Californians!

    Eva |

  3. Michener wrote:

    Woven cane never goes out of style methinks!

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  4. What a fantastic article. I have vintage woven cane furniture that I’ve been moving with me from place to place. Two chairs and a bed that must be over 65 years old and while in fairly good shape. The comeback of woven cane in this kind of shapes and forms are so wonderful.

  5. Fahmida wrote:

    I love woven products. Nothing makes me feel more like it’s S/S than seeing woven products. It’s loke a combination of chic and comfort all in one, knowing that summer days are approaching.

    Fahmida x

  6. I have a chair in my room that looks exactly like this :v That’s why they said inspiration could come from anywhere. Out of all, I’d love to have that wardrobe in woven like that.

  7. Vickie J. Lilley wrote:

    I love those orange slides — where did you find them?