I live for the moments when I come across a material or element that has the potential to spark an infinite amount of ideas. When I spotted these mini silk tassels, from this gem of an Etsy store, my rainbow-hued, tassel/pom pom loving cabeza was like: Eureka, I’ve found DIY gold! Dish towels, pillows, scarves, jewelry, baskets, totes . . . gladiator sandals, there isn’t anything I don’t wanna adorn with tassels. Especially, when they’re already made for me.


You’ll need:


Waxed linen thread is perfect for this project because it holds knots extremely well. Thread 3-4 inch pieces of thread through the tops of the tassels.


Set aside.


I love using this chaco liner pen from Clover. It has a fine toothed edge and deposits white chalk, which makes the marks easy to see but also easy to remove with just a wet cloth. Put the sandals on and wrap the straps around your legs. Mark where you want the tassels to lay.


Remove the sandals and double knot the tassels onto the straps.


Trim away any excess thread.


You should be able to shift the tassels around in case they need to be adjusted. Cha, cha, cha!


(images by HonestlyWTF)