With a toddler who has accumulated an excessive collection of toys, a family who has an obsession with cashmere throw blankets, and a DIYer (that would be me) who purchases way too much yarn, baskets are essential in our family. So when designing our living room with One Kings Lane, stylist Alex Reid was right in bringing in an assortment of woven baskets to serve as functional, yet appealing, storage solutions. But wait. I can’t possibly own baskets without at least one that is covered with happy, little tassels. So in true HonestlyWTF form, I had to incorporate some cha-cha goodness to our newly transformed room.


You’ll need:

  • a woven basket
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle


Start by cutting a skein in half – into 2 equal bundles. Pull 8 strands out, 4 from each bundle, and set them aside. Then cut each of the halves in half.


Take one of the small bundles set it in the middle of one of the loose strands. Tie the bundle, in the middle, into a double knot.


Fold the bundle in half, take another strand of embroidery floss and tie the top portion off into a double knot.


Trim the bottom of the tassel but reserve the top strands. You’ve made a tassel! Continue making tassels in different hues and colors.


Threading the strands of the tassels through the weaves of the basket. You can use an embroidery needle if the basket weaves are too tight.


Tie into a double knot to secure.


Alternate the colors and work along the top rim of the basket.


Continue adding tassels to a second row, alternating the vertical positions.


Add a third row if your basket is high enough. The more tassels the better, of course!


Voila! Your tassel basket is done! So fun, right?


Use it to store throw pillows, toys, or just about anything! And don’t forget to shop the pre-sale I collaborated on with One Kings Lane!


(tutorial in collaboration with One Kings Lane)