31 Bits Goods

After a life changing trip to Uganda nine years ago, three college friends set out on a mission to make changes in the world through their love of fashion. That’s when 31 Bits was founded. Their first project was to provide Northern Ugandan women an opportunity to combat poverty using their artisanal jewelry skills. The socially conscious, female owned company developed programs that helped these women gain access to education, counseling and healthcare. 31 Bits has since added brass jewelry and woven bags, handmade by Indonesian artisans, to the mix – and today, they’re launching their first ever home goods collection!

Living and working in Uganda and Indonesia exposed the 31 Bits designers to corrupt supply chains and poor infrastructures. There was an opportunity to give artisans access to the global market in an ethical way. So with every workshop that 31 Bits partners with, they require lawful, safe, clean working conditions, as well as fair prices and wages.

The 31 Bits Goods collection includes teak wood spoons, cutting boards, polished brass trivets, plant dyed napkins, handwoven baskets, and handmade ceramics. I want it all but if I had to choose favorites they’d be these little brass insects, the leopard lidded basket and the color blocked tea towels in all the softest, most gorgeous hues. Perfect gifts for the holidays. Hint, hint . . . 

(31 Bits Goods $22 – $138)

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    Wow, the pieces are so beautiful! I honestly cannot say which is my favourite, I guess the baskets!

  2. Joanna wrote:

    The beauty of the kitchen decorated with wood additives is wonderful.

  3. After using anagram solver i trust that it really works fast.

  4. Libby wrote:

    all is beautiful wish I could make bowls like that