I suppose we can call this week’s tutorial somewhat of a refresher course on how to master the perfect sliding knot. But the real reason why I had to recreate this familiar DIY with you is to share a little thing I recently discovered called a crimp end, that’s especially made for rhinestone chain. It’s a nifty finding that attaches to the ends, allowing you to finally put some use to all those few leftover inches of sparkle. Pay close attention and I’ll show you how to add to your growing and ever changing stack!

You’ll need:

Start by cutting the rhinestone chain to any length. Place the last link of the chain into the crimp end. Use the flat nose pliers to fold each of the prongs over the rhinestone. Repeat on the other side.

Thread 4 inches of cord through one side of the charm. Fold 2 inches of cord back on itself and then again to create a zig zag. Fold an inch of the tip down over the parallel cords.

Coil the cord three times around, towards the the loop. Thread the tip through the opening of the loop.

Push the coil to the right, while pulling the tip at the same time until the knot is tight. Test the adjustable knot by sliding it towards the base of the chain.

Trim any excess cord and melt the tip to secure the knot. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Your rhinestone adjustable bracelet is finished. And honestly, why not make more in a multitude of colors?

Happy knotting!

(Giles & Brother Cuff & DIY Bracelets; all images by HonestlyWTF)