A couple of weeks ago, we turned some vintage earrings into a pair of shoe clips. Inspired by Jolita‘s Mourning Necklace, we’re transforming vintage chains into pretty statement necklaces for spring this week. Sometimes antique rhinestone necklaces are just a tad too short and a bit too dainty so adding a bit of texture and color is the perfect way to add some much needed oomph.

You’ll need:

Start by cutting approximately 16-19 strands of embroidery floss at about 2.5 times the length of the rhinestone necklace. Gather all 15-18 strands and tie a knot, leaving 3 inches of slack. Reserve the extra strand for later.

Separate into 3 equal parts and braid. Tie a knot at the end, leaving another 3 inches of slack.

Most vintage rhinestone necklaces are really short in length so to extend it, the clasp will need to be removed with a pair of wire clippers. If the rhinestone necklace is long enough, then you can skip this step. Thread the darning needle with the extra strand of floss.

Tie the end of the floss into a double knot around the end of the necklace. Thread the darning needle into the middle of the braid. I like to use darning needles since the tips are not very sharp and won’t snag.

Bring the floss around the necklace and back under the braid. For this particular necklace, I stitched on one rhinestone link per braid.

Continue stitching. Finish with a double knot and trim the ends.

Take about 10 inches of embroidery floss (of either the same color or contrasting color) and tie a double knot around the top of the braided knot. Wind the floss around the bunch of strands, wrapping the contrasting floss as well. Thread on a lobster clasp and continue winding. You can add on a crimp end and extra rhinestone chain for added length. Click here for a tutorial on how to use crimp ends.

Tie the ends of the contrasting floss into a double knot and trim the ends. Repeat the same step on the other end with a jump ring. Trim the ends of the braided bunch of strands.

And the necklace is complete!

I promise you won’t be able to stop at just one  . . .

Layer and sparkle!

(Ariel Gordon Dinosaur Necklace available here, Jolita Braided Rhinestone Necklaces available here; images by HonestlyWTF)