Some say that the comeback of the flare & wide leg denim trend marks the death of the skinny jean. Although I’m not ready to retire all of my skinnies just yet, I’m more than happy to lend a couple of pairs for the sake of an HonestlyWTF DIY. With denim scrap I saved when making some denim cut-offs last summer, we’ll show you how to upcycle a pair of skinny jeans into a pair of bell bottoms!

You’ll need:
– a pair of skinny jeans
– scrap denim or fabric
– a pair of scissors
– a seam ripper
– a sewing machine
– a ruler

Start by opening up the outer seams of each leg with the seam ripper. Stop at around 18 inches or right below the knee.

Fold the the scrap denim or fabric in half lengthwise and draw a diagonal line measuring the length of the open seam plus 2 inches. Adjust the width to your liking: the wider the base of the triangle, the wider the bell. Cut along the line. Repeat the step to make 2 identical triangular panels.

Pin one side of the triangular panel to an open seam. Starting at the bottom hem, sew a straight stitch with a half inch inseam. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can try hand sewing with a thread and needle. After sewing one side, pin the other side. Trim any excess fabric. Repeat the same step on the other leg

Your bell bottoms are finished! You can also try adding fabric like we did here. Have fun!

(top image via Jak&Jil, rest of images by Honestly…WTF)