Turning to ancient Sicily for inspiration, Dolce & Gabbana swept hair up into braided chignons and adorned crowns with flowers and Roman coins for their Spring 2014 show. Romance epitomized. I loved it so much, I turned to my trusty hair stylist Nichole Kreps to help me break down the look. So grab your curling iron and a handful of bobby pins and follow along!


Start by washing and drying the hair.


Curl sections of the hair with a 3/4″ barrel. When curling the hair, wrap the hair around the barrel and let set for a few seconds. Slowly click hair out.


After curling all sections, run your fingers through to loosen the curls.


Add holding spray to give it texture and hold.


Add curls around the front of the face.


Pull a small handful of hair back from each side and loosely twist.


Use a bobby pin to grasp some of hair in one direction and rotate the pin in the opposite direction to hold the pin in place. Add a couple more bobby pins if necessary.


Split all the hair into 3 equal sections and braid.


Use your fingers to spread the braid apart and wrap the braid into a bun.


Use bobby pins to hold the chignon into place.


Take a floral garland and pin it underneath one side of the chignon. Bring it across the crown of the head and around the other side. Add another bobby pin. Then wrap it once around the chignon.


Then wrap it once again over the top of the head. Pin it in place and trim any excess.


Use your fingers to pull and loosen sections of the hair.


Viola, your romantic braided chignon is finished!


 (images by HonestlyWTF; tutorial courtesy of Nichole Kreps of Barrow Salon)