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Citizen of SF, NYC and LA. Lover of elephants, aspen trees, the Lakers and anything handcrafted. Addict of boots, jewelry, lace and cotton candy.

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A Kanon Midsummer

Last Friday, our friends at Kanon Vodka and the über talented Jeremy Scott hosted an intimate luncheon at the Sunset Marquis in celebration of Midsummer. It was the sunniest and most gorgeous day in LA for DIY-ing […]

DIY Tepee Poles

Last November Lauren and I helped take down the 24 foot family tepee which permanently lives on my in-laws ranch. Per usual, the inner structure of the tepee was left standing through the winter, but […]

James Rowland Shop

My local vintage boutique, James Rowland Shop, is hands down my favorite place for one-of-a-kind dresses, bags and especially boots! With the largest and most well edited selection of vintage boots I’ve ever seen (and I […]

Paul Bond

In 1932 Paul Bond, a rodeo cowboy and trick rider, started a business hand making custom cowboy boots. Almost 80 years later, he continues to operate his business (where everything is still done by hand) […]

Antique Road Trip

In 1848, thousands of men and their families migrated to Placerville, CA in search of gold after hearing news of it’s discovery. A few weeks ago Lauren and I visited the birthplace of The Gold Rush via […]

Norman Ambrose F/W 2011

Walking into Norman Ambrose‘s debut presentation at New York Fashion Week was like going to a glamourous party in the 70s where you didn’t really belong but also didn’t ever want to leave. Being fashion […]

IFB Evolving Influence

Lauren and I spent the majority of our afternoon yesterday at the IFB Evolving Influence Blogger Conference, live blogging on behalf of Shopbop during the “Working With Brands Gracefully” panel. It was an incredibly inspiring experience […]

Packing for NYFW

Lauren and I are packing and getting ready to head to New York for Fashion Week! We’ll be going to a few shows, visiting some of our favorite showrooms, live blogging at the IFB Evolving […]

Deconstructing Tepee

The first week of the new year is almost over and man, has it been a hectic one. Our schedules have been insane but we’re working hard at creating some exciting new content and kick ass […]

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