The other day, I caught the tail end of the most incredible story on the radio about the secret life of Vivian Maier. A full time nanny living in Chicago in the 60s, Vivian captured over 100,000 vivid portraits of street life with her Rolleiflex. The only thing is nobody, not a single person, knew about her secret hobby and talent until after her death just a few years ago. Her work was only discovered after a real estate agent bought her storage trunk, loaded with negatives, at auction for a mere $380. Needless to say her, insightful work captured the attention of photographic masters, art experts and collectors everywhere, earning her a posthumous reputation as one of America’s most accomplished and insightful street photographers. Vivian’s mysterious life story adds even more depth to her captivating, vulnerable and intimate square format photographs.

November 4, 1955, San Francisco, CA

July 27, 1954, New York, NY



1954, New York, NY

January 1956

April 7, 1960. Florida


Undated, Chicago, IL

Undated, New York, NY

Undated, New York, NY


May 5, 1955. New York, NY

August 1960. Chicago, IL

August 16, 1956, Chicago, IL

Emmett Kelly as the clown figure "Weary Willie", Undated

Undated, New York, NY

1950s, Canada

1960. Chicago, IL

Undated, Chicago, IL

June 27, 1959, Asia


September 1953, New York, NY


July 10, 1959, Aden, Yemen

1955, New York, NY

November 8, 1955

December 1962. Chicago, IL

Undated, Canada

(Check out the trailer for the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” and be sure to catch the exhibition of her work which is on tour now)