2 Totally Useless & Brilliant DIYs

In the world of social media, we’re sometimes faced with an unrealistic and impractical portrayal of perfectionism. I’ll admit that I’ve been a contributor, and victim, to that problem. So when Old Spice came to me with an idea to poke fun at the aspirational nature of online DIY culture, I thought why not! I love the brand’s hilariously sarcastic ads and I’m actually okay being the butt of the joke. That’s actually a lie. Let’s just say I’m okay being the joke – just not the butt. I hate my butt. Anyway, back to the DIY. My challenge was to create a pair of totally-useless-nobody-will-ever-think-to-create projects, reusing products from Old Spice’s Wild Collection. Because in addition to being the most ingenious DIYer, I’m the most environmentally aware. I hope that you find these funny as I had a total blast making them. And if you don’t . . . well, I can’t help you there.

DIY Outdoor Strung Lights


  • strung lights
  • lots of Old Spice Krakengärd Deodorant containers
  • scissors

Start with the 100 empty Old Spice Krakengärd Deodorant containers you’ve been saving for the past two weeks.

Pry the dial from the bottom of each container. Use scissors, your teeth, a hammer, whatever . . . really let that aggression out. Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant.

Insert a bulb into the base of the deodorant. Repeat about 90 more times.

Use the attached clip to keep it in place or duct tape the bejesus out of it.

Voila! Your strung lights are finished . . .


And enjoy.

Old Spice Bird Feeder


  • Old Spice Krakengärd Body Wash (emptied)
  • balsa wood scraps
  • 12″ wooden dowels
  • popsicle sticks
  • birdseed
  • hot glue gun
  • fake birds (optional)
  • exacto knife
  • permanent marker

Pour a bunch of birdseed into an empty Old Spice Krakengärd Body Wash container. Use an exacto knife to cut cut small pieces of balsa wood.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re an architect. It’s all about building upon layers of wood for a useless roof for your birds.

Add pieces to create a roof. Add popsicle sticks for shingles. This is luxury, people.

Once your designer roof is complete, mark the bottle with an X.

Cut the bottle open with an exacto knife and pierce a wooden dowel through the bottle.

Find your bird a friend. If you can’t, just glue a fake one to a dowel. After all, birds hate dining alone.

Boom. Bird feeder. Now take a nap, nature can be exhausting.

(images by Andrea Posadas & HonestlyWTF; strung lights scene styled by Bianca Sotelo. this post was created in collaboration with Old Spice. all opinions are my own)

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    Okay this is definitely creative but also, as you said, pretty useless!

  2. Jennifer wrote:


  3. Lorena wrote:

    Old spice never looked so classy !
    Ha, you’ve made me smile.

  4. jet wrote:

    i love those diy’s of you!
    My hubby made the light of citron plastic bottles, and so it gave me a big smile.
    and your bird house is adorable done. brilliant.
    thank you for the sharing and the great tute.

  5. Kimi wrote:

    Hahahaha! This is great!

  6. Eva wrote:

    Haha! Omg this is so funny. I was like, “save deodorant after two weeks – it would take a lifetime to use all those!!”


  7. kim wrote:

    this is hilarious lol 🙂


  8. ule wrote:

    I love the joke! May I add that you look absolutely amazing in the picture. The garden looks lovely, too, despite the deodorant containers!

  9. Lindsey Davis wrote:

    Cool. I applaud you for this. Especially the outdoor lights. Consumers create so much waste with those stupid plastic deodorant contraptions. I think you’re poking more fun at them!! Now if they were only spray painted to look a little more chic….

  10. paula wrote:

    No dice – these are awesome…

    *runs off to find 100 old spice deo containers- might ask dad.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  11. Lisa wrote:

    This is seriously so funny. Those lights! Omg!

  12. Jamie wrote:

    Im pretty sure that is also known as upcyling. Very cool. We shoukd all do this with our plastics ans d really learn to reuse and recyvle this is not a joke our world is begging

  13. igne27 wrote:
  14. Ayisha wrote:

    Your work is next level .keep it up