Terri Loewenthal’s Psychscapes

You can't introduce an artist like Terri Loewenthal while first explaining her unique and distinctive process. While her series Psychscapes might look like double exposures, what is perhaps most impressive about her work is that each piece is indeed a single exposure photograph - everything you see in a single image is composed live. What you see is what she sees behind the lens, thanks to a special series of optics that have been developed and are specific to her process. I think it's crucial to understand this before delving into Terri's incredible work.

Terri's series Psychscapes is on ode to her love of California and her deepened relationship with its landscapes. A nature lover and avid solo hiker, the Oakland-based photographer will immerse herself into the wilderness, set up her camera and manipulate an in-camera composition to capture not only a moment in time, but a feeling. Her photos are wonderfully disorienting, inviting the viewer to come closer and examine further. And what I love most, is how her use of color highlights details that might have gone otherwise unnoticed. Nature is a crazy beautiful thing and Terri encapsulates that.


I was referring to these images as psychedelic even before I made them. To have a psychedelic experience is to free your mind from its normal constraints. When I had the idea for these images, I was able to shift the colors of the natural world in my mind. Water was pink and leaves were blue.

Terri Loewenthal


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  1. Lisa T. wrote:

    Gorgeous, I love it!

  2. Jacqueline wrote:

    These are so beautiful x