Day 5: Serena & Lily

One of the best additions to our house this year was a hanging rattan chair from Serena & Lily. It hangs beneath our big oak tree and there isn’t a dry weekend that goes by where you can’t find me in it, reading a book to Quincy or gently swinging with Coco in my lap. It’s sculptural frame, which is inspired by 60s Scandinavian design, is handmade of bent rattan that literally cradles you – it’s incredibly sturdy and surprisingly comfortable. If you have a porch or a little corner indoors, this will become your little slice of heaven. Trust. Add a soft pillow and a cozy blanket and you’ll never wanna get out of this hanging cocoon. So today, I wanna share the love by giving away a Serena & Lily hanging rattan chair (you get to choose between white or natural) to one lucky person. Simply comment below, sign up for Serena & Lily’s newsletter for all kinds of exciting news and awesome sale updates, and a winner will be picked at random on Tuesday, December 13th. Wishing you luck! ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED. CONGRATS TO HEATHER S!






(Serena & Lily hanging rattan chair $498)

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  1. Trey wrote:

    How does the S and L hanging rattan chair do long term being outside? We want to put the double rattan on our front porch but it will get wet. I know it’s not technically “outdoor” but it sounds like you keep yours outside. How does it stand up in the outdoor weather over time?


    • Erica wrote:

      It really depends on how wet it will get. It will definitely weather being outside year round. We’ve had ours out for years and some of the rattan has broke but nothing has changed structurally. But we do try to bring it into our shed during the rainy months.

  2. Alysia wrote:

    Hello! I’m very glad to have found this post and the previous comment. I am also looking to purchase the double rattan, but for under a pergola that is covered in vines. It won’t get much sun exposure, but it will get wet in the rain. I would bring it in during the colder/wetter seasons, but for comparison how often does yours get rained directly on? Have you done anything in particular to keep it protected? Thanks!