Every October, the skies are filled with 750 hot air balloons for Albuquerque’s International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta. The 9 day event is the largest ballon festival in the world. Just before sunrise, 750 balloons take flight in only two hours. It’s fascinating to think that just over 230 years ago man took his first flight in a hot air ballon. You must check out the time lapse after the jump – you’ll want to accompany me next year!

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_7

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_11

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_2

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_6
hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_8

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_9

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_10

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_3

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_19

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_1

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_12

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_013

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_4

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_14

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_15

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_16

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_5

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_17

hot_air_ballon_ HonestlyWTF_18

 (images via Fest300Sarah Papke, HD Wallpapers Inn, Gleb TarassenkoSteve Yabek and The Traveling Guys)