The minute you step into Lauren Wolf‘s jewelry design studio and boutique, you know you’ve struck gold. Inspired by her love of Mexico and the desert, Lauren has curated the most incredible selection of jewelry from various designers, textiles by local artisans, art and objects for the home into a white washed, adobe-like space: Esqueleto in Oakland, California. Her eponymous collection is also undoubtedly a major inspiration for the store, as it’s best known for the arresting combinations of raw minerals like diamonds, jasper, and pink Moroccan druzy with precious metals such as 14 karat yellow, rose, and green golds. My favorite pieces are hands down her claw earrings, where slivers of rough cut stones are bound by gleaming gold prongs. Lucky for me, I live a few minutes from the beautiful oasis Lauren has so brilliantly created . . . EUREKA!

(images by HonestlyWTF)