The Swimmers

It’s amazing how heavy brushstrokes can bring so much realism and life into a painting with such simple composition. I’m absolutely smitten with these works from Colombian artist Pedro Covo. They take me back to summer – I just feel the warmth of the sun against my back and the cool, refreshing feeling of that first dive into water.



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Madewell Spring 2016

Honestly, we couldn’t be more juiced about Madewell‘s spring collection – the first collection under the brand’s new head of design, Joyce Lee. Ruffled blouses and embroidered dresses inspired by travels to Mexico and Morocco pull at our globetrotting heartstrings. And vintage cut denim will surely be wardrobe staples come 2016. But do you know what really has us super adrenalized? A soon to be new service offering customizable embroidery on denim jackets, jeans and vintage bandanas. YES.



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DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

The decision on what to do with the immense blank wall along our staircase has been irresolute . . . for nearly 2 years. Should I weave a massive wall hanging? If only I had the time. How about a gallery wall? I think we’ve reached our home gallery wall limit at 2. How amazing would a living wall be? With my infamous black thumb, it wouldn’t last a month. Get my conundrum? Thankfully, inspiration is all around me and it was just a matter of time before it slapped me in the face. And by it, I mean a stunning, handmade tassel wall hanging adorning Decorist‘s San Francisco headquarters that I recently spotted and immediately demanded how it was made. To my surprise, it was as simple as making a ton of tassels out of yarn and hanging them from a dowel using twine. Honestly?! Done and done.



You’ll need:

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