Self Portraits

The faces of Brisbane based painter Monica Rohan‘s subjects are buried under vibrant textiles, granny blankets and green foliage. But are they hunting or hiding from something? Either way, her work is intriguing and leaving us wanting to know more . . .



Totally fine


DIY Winter Wrapping

Wrapping presents is probably one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. A few days before the 25th, I wait until everyone is sound asleep, put on wonderfully cheesy Christmas tunes, make myself a cup of hot cocoa and sprawl out on the floor with endless rolls of kraft paper, empty boxes, ribbons, an assortment of winter foliage and of course, all of the gifts I’ve been so artfully squirreling away since November. This year, I scored awesome cold weather accessories from Old Navy, like sweater knit mittens, felt slippersquilted lined vests, brushes flannel scarves and wool felt hats. Honestly, it was all the perfect assortment of warm and cozy gifts for friends. I also loved the colors and textures of the mittens and scarves so much, I was inspired to use them as present toppers. They’re like little sneak peaks for your besties!



Start by placing your gifts in a plain, empty box with a lid. Wrap with kraft paper or just leave the box bare, as it is.

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Ulla Johnson Pre-Fall 2016

The authenticity of Ulla Johnson‘s global bohemian vibe truly shines through in the quality of her clothing, making her one of our favorite designers. Her clothing is certainly not easy to produce as it’s literally hand carried all over the world to be hand-finished by expert artisans – the yarn that make up her knits are spun to her liking in Peru and the intricate embroidery is done by hand in India. We’re also digging the more urban feel to her latest collection with relaxed, wide leg denim and loose fitting jumpers. Comfortable and chic. Honestly, Ulla.

ulla johnson pre fall 2016 | HonestlyWTF

ulla johnson pre fall 2016 | HonestlyWTF

ulla johnson pre fall 2016 | HonestlyWTF


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