DIY Gemstone Soaps + My MakersKit Collaboration

After 5 years of conceptualizing jewelry, home decor and accessory tutorials on HonestlyWTF, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’m finally launching our first series of DIY kits with MakersKit. Today! Hooray!!! What took so long, you ask? I’m an absolute stickler when it comes to quality – which is why I search tirelessly to find you guys the right supplies so that you can create something that is beautiful, functional and long lasting. Crafty doesn’t equate with cheap in my book. So when the amazing masterminds behind MakersKit understood my biggest concern with packaging tutorials on a mass scale, I knew I found the right collaborators for this obvious, and exciting, next chapter!


After months of planning, testing, and sourcing, our year long collaboration with MakersKit launches today with this soap kit. That’s right, these beautiful gemstones and crystals are actually soaps! They are ridiculously fun to create and make for impressive gifts


Each kit includes (makes a minimum of 2 soaps):

  • 1/2lb each of vegetable based clear and opaque white soap bases
  • red, yellow, green and blue food coloring
  • 10 small, reusable mixing cups
  • 2 soap molds
  • toothpicks

You’ll need:

  • a microwavable glass or measuring cup
  • paring knife
  • cutting board
  • scissors
  • fragrance oil (optional)


Bridget Bodenham

So, I’ve taken up ceramics. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try – since high school, in fact – and was never able to make it past a wait list or find the time. And of course, just as I’m busier than I’ve ever been before, I’ve decided to immerse myself a series of courses at my local pottery studio. It is challenging on so many levels. It’s a true test of patience, calmness and tolerance . . . all things I very much crave in my life right now. Sitting at the wheel for 3 hours every week has been a most wonderful and much needed break from the technology that dominates my life. And after 8 weeks, I’m finally glazing my first piece. It’s a humbling process. Anyway, I’ve grown an immense respect for ceramic artists and dream that one day, I can come close to creating pieces as beautiful as those from Australian ceramicist Bridget Bodenham. I love her organic forms and th way she juxtaposes raw clay with accents of gold.



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Luna Skye

Jewelry designer Samantha Conn has always appreciated the way a new piece of precious jewelry could make a woman feel and set out to channel that same lure and confidence in her designs for Luna Skye. Bars of unrefined watermelon tourmaline, slivers of moonstone, and oblong faceted champagne topaz, opal and labradorite are enclosed by pavé diamonds and fine gold chains. Each piece is raw, delicate and exquisite . . . and of course, perfect for layering.




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