House Of Books

Urban landscape photographer Franck Bohbot is currently working on a new series titled House Of Books, where he is paying tribute to the beautiful architecture of libraries all over the world. What has started in Paris and Rome will eventually make its way around the rest of Europe, South America, Asia and North America. As a huge fan of Candida Höffer, I love what I see and look forward to keeping close tabs on Franck’s ongoing project.



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2015 Two Step

As we’re reflecting on 2014 and wondering how the year passed us by so quickly, we’re also pondering how we’ll be ringing in the new year in just a few days. Year after year, we’re faced with the ever looming question: what will I wear?! My obsession with minimalism has me leaning towards something a bit low key. But no matter what, there will always be a party on my feet.

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Anglepoise Lamps

After I recently scored an Anglepoise lamp at a garage sale, I dug a little deeper into its history and was so fascinated, that it made me appreciate my little cool desk lamp even more. Designed in 1932 by British automotive engineer George Carwardine, the task lamp utilized a new type of spring which would remain in position after being moved in any direction. Several years later George designed the amazing Giant 1227 Floor Lamp, of which only four were made. At one point one was actioned and purchased by Tim Burton to be used in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Now, an updated version of the Giant 1227 is being sold by Anglepoise in several colors . . . hopefully, my next purchase.





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