Apiece Apart Resort 2017

With its Peruvian hand loomed knits, fringed coats, crisp cotton peasant dresses with popcorn buttons, scallop edged tops, and neutral pieces contrasted with bright orange and pink hues, Apiece Apart‘s resort showing has me fantasizing of a journey through Central and South America. I’m crushing hard on the artisanal details and ease of the collection – it’s all so delightfully wearable. And can we talk about the sick tassel backdrop?! I’ll take that too.



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Gunjan Aylawadi

Would you believe it if I told you each of these three dimensional tapestries are made of cut paper?! Honestly, paper. Artist Gunjan Aylawadi hand cuts thousands of strips of paper, twists them around a thin wire wire and then glues them onto hand drawn patterns to make her beautifully intricate paper carpets. As you might assume, this is a painstaking process that requires absolute precision and patience. Every millimeter is crucial. Gunjan developed this unique technique as way to pay tribute to the history of craftsmanship and to the ancestors who, with limited tools, were able to leave a legacy of meticulously crafted mosaics. Take the time to give her work a closer look and I wonder if it, too, will leave you in awe.



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Flagpole Swim

For beach loving designers Megan Balch and Jaime Barker, starting their own swimwear line came with the mission of providing chic, tailored suits that could withstand the surf. Using the highest Italian fabrics, the New York based duo works with artisan tailors to create unique silhouettes with beautiful fits. And since lap swimming is one of my favorite summer activities, I’m looking forward to trying out a few of their sporty, colorblocked one pieces.





Casa Cook

Just off the Anatolian coast of Turkey, lies the island of Rhodes. It’s the capital of the Dodecanese islands and home to one of the oldest and best preserved medieval towns in Europe. It’s also where Abe and I spent a part of our honeymoon nearly 5 years ago. We’ve recently mulled over the idea of returning to Turkey and the Greek isles someday but now, after discovering the island’s stunning newcomer, Casa Cook, I’m jonesing to make travel plans ASAP. With each of the 90 rooms boasting direct pool access, hammocks scattered throughout and the Aegean Sea just a bike ride away, this rustic chic resort seems like a little slice of heaven.






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