My White Trash Family

Philadelphia based artist Kim Alsbrooks paints miniature portraits on trash – specifically, 17th and 18th century museum portraits on flattened beer cans, glass liquor bottles and discarded milk cartons. The inspiration behind My White Trash Family came from Kim’s frustration with witnessing the extreme disparities of class while living in the South. By juxtaposing regal portraits with common trash, she dispels the idea of historical social biases . . . at least in her world. 




DIY Woven Wall Hanging

We’ve been a long time admirers of woven wall hangings and have loved seeing how these vintage flat weave textiles have come back in style thanks to such talented artists like Mimi JungJanelle Pietrzak, Maryanne Moodie and Meghan Bogden Shimek. I never imagined, however, that I could actually make my own – in fact, I was very close to commissioning a textile artist to weave a piece for our new home! But after hearing that Meghan, of Native Textile, was teaching a local workshop, I jumped at the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of weaving. I instantly became obsessed. And keep in mind, me and yarn don’t mix well. I’m a horrible knitter. Anyway, I loved the ease and tangibility of Meghan’s method so much, I was inspired to share some of her amazing tips with you. The entire process may seem intimidating at first but I encourage you to just give it try and follow the tutorial, step by step. Welcome to Weaving 101! You’ll be hooked, I promise. 


You’ll need:

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Honor Resort 2015

Inspired by the Old West and desert flowers, Giovanna Randall continues to win us over with another collection of stunningly feminine frocks in distinct silhouettes. Take, for example, the sand colored column dress with backwards collar. Or the neon pink and fluorescent yellow cocktail dresses with bell sleeves slit from the elbows. Or the floor length white dress with a black ribbon bolo tie. All made for the woman who appreciates those small, yet distinguishing details. Just perfect.



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Ladder Love

I have an ornamental ladder in my home, hanging from the rafters – but I’ve also used it as a rack to display throw blankets while leaning it against a wall. Whether it’s suspended over a kitchen island as a pot rack, or hanging horizontal on the wall as a shelving unit, or served as a bookshelf, or most obviously used a way to get to hard to reach places, a ladder can be an amazing object to have in your home!



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