Miniature Calendar 2015

It’s nearly been a year since we first introduced you to miniature diorama master Tanaka Tatsuya. The Japanese artist has continued to create impressive miniature scenes using life’s most mundane objects and the tiniest of people and props – a new episode is revealed every day. Since 2011!! The level of creativity needed to produce 365 dioramas a year is just mind-boggling. But I don’t ever want him to stop . . .



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Spinelli Kilcollin

Is it December yet? Because all I want for Christmas is a Spinelli Kilcollin ring. Inspired by his own desire for clean and architecturally aesthetic jewelry, designer Yves Spinelli dreamed up his signature Galaxy Rings – a set of precious metal rings, each connected by smaller, interlocking rings. The multi-gauged rings can be worn on separate fingers or all stacked together on one. Some are studded with pavé diamonds, some without. Either way, these stunners possess an undeniable and irresistible cool factor.


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Troy Moth

Troy Moth left his career in fashion and commercial photography to return to his Canadian roots, where he spent the first few years of his life living in a tent in the wild. His love of nature and the great outdoors inspired his new calling, shooting wildlife in their magnificent habitats. There is a deep sense of calm and serenity that these photographs instill. Powerful . . .



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Mercado Global Fall 2015

Before completing her junior year at Yale, Ruth DeGolia pursued her idea to help the indigenous women of Rue, Guatemala overcome the poverty and oppression they faced as returned refugees. She created a market for these artisans by selling their handwoven handbags and clutches right from her dorm room. 11 years later, Mercado Global has created job opportunities for over 300 Mayan women and has been recognized by the World Bank, the UN and the Clinton Global Initiative. Not bad for a young undergrad with such mature vision! In addition to continuing to sell beautifully crafted bags and accessories, the organization offers ways in which you can get involved as a Mercado Global ambassador or a participant in one of insight trips to Guatemala. Check out their gorgeous fall collection below and help support this ever inspiring social enterprise.



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