Cork Family

Who knew a humble little stool, made of cork, could be so chic? Designer Jasper Morrison created a trio of lightweight, natural cork stools for Swiss furniture label Vitra. Each stool is made from a piece of pressed agglomerate cork and left unsealed in order to develop a beautiful patina over time. It’s one one of those furniture items that will stay in your household forever and change purposes over time. I need!


Jasper Morrison

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The Statement Top

I am all about the increasingly dramatic shift that’s happening in the shirt and blouse department. Cascading ruffles are getting longer, deconstructed shirts are taking on more theatrical shapes and sleeves are getting pumped with way more volume. Don’t leave the drama at the door, bring on the flair!



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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Nearly all of my cherished pieces of jewelry are ones that celebrate the single, most important thing in life: my family. Motherhood has been my proudest achievement thus far, so there’s nothing better than being able to actually wear that emotion daily. I’m never without my precious charm necklace, which has letters each representing my two little tots. It’s something I’m excited to build upon over the years, adding charms to commemorate special milestones in their lives. And whenever I travel, I love bringing along my gold heart locket, which stores photos of Abe, Quincy and now, Coco! With Mother’s Day just a couple of weeks away, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, sentimental pieces of fine jewelry – some new and some vintage, but most all of them either customizable or symbolic. Because moms deserve that extra bit of thought and love . . .


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Black And White Right

For someone who lives by a “more is more” standard, I’m surprised how much I envy the minimalist vibe of this Sydney beachside home. Whitewashed floors seem to lure me in every time – they’re something I lust after often but could never have the guts to actually execute. Maybe one day, you know, when I buy the beach house of my dreams and the only thing I wear on my feet is sand. I also love how the use of oversized, rustic elements gives the stark black and white contrast necessary warmth and texture. And that unexpected, rich blue hued exterior?! Stunning.



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Loup Charmant

If Kee Edwards’ label Loup Charmant doesn’t make you immediately want to book a getaway, then . . . well, it’s time for you to take a vacation anyway. Inspired by her childhood summers spent on the shores of the Carolinas and her coming-of-age time living in France spent living in France, the collection is the embodiment of ethereal, beach chic. Honestly, I wanna live in a world where wearing semi-sheer white dresses, blouses and tunics  24/7 is the norm.



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