Ozma Bandanas

Living just a few steps from the beach, I’m always looking for ways to salvage my hair from the ocean’s elements. Bandanas are a go-to when to comes to sweeping up a do or securing a bun or braid. I’m loving these washed silk bandanas from California based label OZMA. Not only are they oversized for flexibility in styling, they come in a multitude of colors like blue, adobe, black, sand, and white. Perfect for summer!



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Loeffler Randall x Tappan Collective Giveaway

Because of its everlasting influence on fashion, art has been a continuous and favorite theme at HonestlyWTF. So you can imagine how ecstatic we are whenever those two worlds collide, like today, with our friends at Loeffler Randall having joined forces with Tappan Collective for the ultimate giveaway. If you aren’t already in the know, Tappan is an über cool online platform where art enthusiasts at every level can go to discover and collect pieces from talented, emerging artists. And like art, Loeffler Randall accessories are best loved for their thoughtful, directional point of view and a timeless quality. Art, shoes and handbags . . . together, it makes perfect sense. I mean, wouldn’t you want a chance to fill your closet by winning a $1000 gift card to Loeffler Randall and your walls with a $1000 gift card to Tappan Collective?! Find out how easy it is to enter the giveaway after the jump but in the meantime, get to know these three amazingly talented, California-based artists and check out the art they created, inspired by pieces from Loeffler Randall’s spring 2016 collection.

LOLA ROSE THOMPSON: By way of sculpture, watercolor and three dimensional installations, Lola Rose Thompson is interested in the idea that objects can receive and transmit information that may be stored but difficult to see. Much of her work is accompanied by descriptive and lengthy titles, full of literary devices.



How does living in California and the mystic of the California girl play into your art?

I love living in California – there’s so much to see and do here, incredible nature, lots of culture and diversity, and of course the ocean.  I was born in the summer, and have always loved to swim…and hang out with other ocean loving California girls….aka mermaids. (In the last few years, I’ve made both paintings and sculptures of mermaids).  I think growing up here has of course influenced both my personality and my art practice. I am definitely a California girl – I love nature, I love getting out of the city, and I love working outside! One thing I really appreciate about watercolors is that they are convenient to bring with me anywhere – I adore painting ‘en plein air’ – and I always bring a set of watercolors and some paper with me when I travel, so I can paint at the top of a mountain after a hike, or on the beach, by a pool, etc. I am definitely inspired by the beauty and expansiveness of the California landscape and I think thats reflected both in my paintings as well as my sculptures.  I’m also inspired by another element of life in California – Hollywood. I’m interested in the power of stardom, pop stars and celebrity culture and the strange contradictions of Los Angeles – a city which is both shallow and deep – where people are obsessed by fame and beauty and plastic surgery, as well as new age fads, and various forms of spirituality and mysticism.


Kathleen Whitaker Stone Collection

Jewelry designer and porcelain ceramicist Kathleen Whitaker‘s ubiquitous gold line and dot stud earrings are getting a colorful lift with a new collection that combines her signature fine, polished metal pieces with rough semi-precious stones. The two elements are juxtaposed beautifully. Some of my favorites are the large chrysoprase and Peruvian opal slices, which are set with thick rectangular gold studs. The raw topaz and lapis stones, which are pierced vertically by thin gold lines, are equally stunning . . .




Painted Ceilings

For someone who can never commit to a wall color, except for various shades of white, I’m loving the idea of painting a ceiling with a single color. Black is modern and bold while pinks and blues are playful and delightfully chic!



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