Inside Grace Coddington’s Apartment

WSJ Magazine recently took us inside the home of Vogue‘s creative director and everyone’s dream best friend Grace Coddington – and we couldn’t be more excited. A self proclaimed hoarder (or what Lauren likes to call a collector), Grace’s Chelsea apartment is filled with collections of photographs, English ceramics, jugs, folk art and of course anything to do with cats. Expectedly eclectic, surprisingly orderly and wonderfully down to earth . . . just how we imagined Grace to be. And if you missed the video of her cooking steak and potatoes with Elettra Wiedemann last year, it’s a must see!



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DIY Tassel Tote

Spring is in full bloom and my weekends have been spent soaking up the glorious weather, shopping at the farmer’s market, embarking on mini getaways and enjoying picnics in the park. Surely, these outings need a carryall to reflect my chipper state of mind, right? With a bevy of handmade, multicolored tassels, I gave the ubiquitous straw market tote a much needed makeover. The result is a bag that couldn’t look happier if it tried . . .


You’ll need:

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