Urban Symmetry

I’ve always been compulsive when it comes to symmetry and intentionally calculated when it comes to asymmetry. This obviously speaks volumes about my personality but let’s save that discussion for another day. Anyway, you can imagine how Hungarian photographer Zsolt Hlinka‘s images of buildings on the banks of Eastern Europe’s River Danube immediately captured my attention and heart. Despite being digitally manipulated, having been wiped clean of their backgrounds and mirrored, the Wes Anderson-reminiscent architecture is mesmerizing . . . especially for someone as OCD as me!



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Natalie Martin

Designer Natalie Martin‘s search for unique fabrics brought her to Bali, where she was exposed to hand batik printed silk. Her collection of printed and embroidered caftans and dresses was born from the time honored Indonesian process of manual wax-resist dying. Designs on silk are painted with wax and then placed in a dye bath where everything, other than the waxed designs, are dyed. The wax is removed by boiling in water and the fabric is dried by the sun, making all of Natalie’s designs unique and distinctive. I’m crazy for the indigo prints but honestly, any of her lightweight and breezy pieces are just perfect for packing along on a holiday getaway!



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A Chalet In The Alps

Can you believe this charming chalet, nestled in  the French Alps, was once a farmhouse originally built in the late 19th century? Belgian designer Lionel Jadot was commissioned to not only restore the old building, but also transform it into a modern day cabin with his eclectic and ethnic interior touches. With oversized windows looking onto Mont Blanc, a sheepskin covered outdoor nook, kitchen counters covered in Bisazza mosaic, and an abundance of colorful textiles, this wintery retreat is a slice of bohemian heaven.



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